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There is only freedom without, when there is freedom within.

Internal Now Knows in Now


Sex is a way of being in the now? Well, it can be yes, but it’s usually not, because people focus on external sex and seek a disconnecting catharsis.

The need for orgasm is external? The “need” is yes. The “need” is a judgment. Otherwise orgasm is a part of the flow, and would be much more powerful and satisfying if people weren’t busy seeking it. Really, people have to be told by sex therapists to relax and not focus on it. Isn’t this insane?

Hence tantric sex focuses on no orgasm and deeper connection? Internal sex in a sense? Yes, exactly.

When we’re conditioned to external it permeates everything. And we wonder why nothing satisfies. It’s not a wonder. You can’t have what you want, because “you” want.

The fulfillment comes from the internal for it to be true. Yes. You is wanting. When you is not wanting, then what do you want? When you is present, what can be left unsatisfied? What will be left unseen or undone?

The thought of. Yes, the thought of, and what was thought doing for us anyway? When you live in the internal now thought changes. It doesn’t stop, but you see it for what it is. It’s a sense, and as much as it’s popular to bash thought, we have thought and can think because it’s part of us. It’s our nature. Should you gouge your own eyes out? But we do accept that for what we see, there are things we don’t see, and we don’t mistake sight for what it’s not. It‘s the same for thought.

I think if we stopped thinking, we would have nothing to evolve our thinking processes. Yes, so don’t stop thinking. In the external now, you are what you are thinking, and everything is what you think it is, and everything is very scary. In the internal now, you are able to think, and things are what they are, and what you think they are, as well as what you think they could be, and is any of it really any worry?

In the external now, your brain uses you. In the internal now, your you uses your brain. In the internal now, you aren’t your body image, but you are aware of your body. You aren’t your ideas of your purpose, but you can be purposeful, or rest peacefully knowing everything is purpose.

The internal now knows when your body needs taking care of?  It knows when your body needs taken care of, and it knows exactly how it needs taken care of. It doesn’t think it “should.” Should doesn’t exist in the internal now.

But the fear of finding out is external? Yes, because then things make sense, which means you may discover a lot of your thinking is wrong, and a lot of your hurt feelings weren’t necessary, and weren’t special because they aren’t you.

You may have to change your life then. Yes. In the external now, you have “maybe later.” In the internal now, it is the eternal now, and there can be no maybe later. Maybe later is ultimately never, because even if you do it you weren’t present for it. Maybe later arises from shoulds. If you are coming from the internal now, you will feel no desire to say maybe later.

So now comes when you are ready for it internally? Now comes when you are willing to admit you are here, and let you be here, meaning what you want, what you need, what you feel.  All of you, here, now.

I often say be well, but what I really mean is be present. If you are present, then you are well.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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