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If you wonder why and what it all means, you have a spiritual life.

Forms of Words in Word


What about those that can’t speak nor hear? They will speak in body language. The mudra is as powerful as the mantra. They are both language, and the more fully you express, the more powerful the expression. Helen Keller could not see or hear. She understood and could express herself, and did quite eloquently.

Your focus determines your reality, and what you articulate in any way is your focus even if only for a moment. But in fact, whatever someone is talking about, in whatever way they are talking about it, tends to not be a momentary thing. Those who only ever speak of problems tend to have very powerful problems. Those who manage their problems well tend to talk about the issues, but more in terms of actions than obstacles. They give little or no thought or speech to the idea of obstacles. Anyone’s experience run to the contrary? In fact, obstacle and problem are really just ideas, otherwise they are just conditions or circumstance.

It isn’t volume of words that is powerful. It’s thought, intent and clarity. These are the power in words. With focused intent, speaking what you mean to speak, then your words can create.

What about lies? This is very important. Lies are resistance to a principle that runs through speech, but people often times call too many things lies. If I speak an idea, it may be true for me even if it seems false to you. But in fact, a true lie defies the coherence of other speech. It defies the coherence of communication in general, and a truth will entrain those unstable words. So if you speak something the truth of which is uncertain, and I speak a truth related to it, there is a shift in the spirit of the communication. Has anyone experienced this?

Some use silence, and say speaking does not help. But you will speak, and having spoken after silence do you not speak more clearly? Silence is a part of the power of words. Some observe that everything they have ever heard is repeating itself, as if it was running from a CD in a loop. In fact, this is true. Do you notice that when you speak after silence the communication “CD” sort of skips? Everything after that seems to shift even with the person you spoke to?

There is a phenomenon that many rationalists like to call mass hysteria. It is how they dismiss a whole group having a paranormal experience. In fact, rationalism for its own sake is a mass hysteria. An obsession to “keep it real” when in fact no one knows what reality is. Not even scientists. So all it does is create an illusion of stability.

What about misinterpretation of another’s language due to personal fears and misunderstandings? The reality we share is arrived at by a process of spoken and unspoken consensus, but this isn’t a perfect process. There are hiccups even if everyone were equally in touch with reality. We all make up a whole that transcends even our focus. If we have a break in communication, it’s because though we are both here, the facet of life I am showing is not the same as yours. It can seem quite the barrier. There is in fact no barrier. In a sense, nothing happens at any time. There is no such thing as time.

In the beginning was the word, and the beginning has no contrasting end so there is only the word. Iterated endlessly. Subtle variations. But the one word that creates all others is the subject of speculation be it the tetragramaton or the divine om. In ritual a lot of the work is an act of somatic, as well as verbal assumption, and was not without power.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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