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Where a place doesn’t arise from nature it can arise from spiritual principle, though it is a rare thing.

You Are Not Mind in Word


We shape our minds when we shape the ideas we call words. In shaping the mind we shape the world as we see it, and dispose ourselves to function according to the ideas we create.

Here is a strange idea. “Our mind”. Did we create mind? Are we the originator of mind? Did it not exist before humanity? Will it not exist after? So when considering mind why not consider that we partake in an aspect of reality that is beyond our narrow definition. There is a metaphysical premise that has been stated universally in one form or another across our world throughout our history. The term used loosely is animism. Anima – soul. Whether you postulate one pervasive spirit or a community of spirits. In fact all that exists, exists because of the spirit that could articulate it.

Consciousness is the very substance of existence itself. Our primitive thought is not the only thought that ever was or ever will be.  Who is thinking? No ‘who’ is thinking, but thinking does occur. Thinking and event and existence are one. I see therefore I think I see. I am aware therefore I can see. When I think I see, I think I can act. And I will act on the thinking not on the seeing. There is a reality there. There is substance.

No ‘who’ is doing the thinking. We are not mind. Mind is a broad domain, and thinking happens. If you are mind then you awake is not you asleep and how many people are you? I think I am one, and in being one then what has so many forms is not me. But I can dwell in it. My body has had many forms and will. It’s not me, but I can dwell in it too. Express though body and mind. Create as is the divine nature through body and mind.

When you realize you are not mind you can let thinking happen. Know that your words and thoughts are events in the “world of mind”. Don’t identify with them. If you cook a meal and burn it, does that invalidate the worth of your soul? If you seem to be lost in thought, you needn’t be lost. To take something seriously you must first take it lightly.

Freedom. Be free. Nothing is true and everything is permitted. Practice whatever you choose and accept the consequences.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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