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I don’t put much stock and feelings in what you ‘should’ feel. According to those who say what I should feel, I should be a mass murderer, but I’m not.

Self Representation in Word

Your Word

So back to self representation… When we say we are well, that we feel all right, that we are not angry, when in fact we do not feel well, are not at peace with the person asking, this creates noise in the brain.

Yes. I have called that ‘noise’ “resistance.”

There are a lot of noisy brains around trying to be social.

The vast majority of people show a great deal of noise under FMRI scans to the point that it’s proven to be a great mystery to mainstream neuroscientists. So much so that one such person is advancing the notion that the noise isn’t even a problem, but is instead just the natural way the brain works.

Is it fair to say that most people struggle to control themselves? Looking at the track record necessary to establish what they call normal socialization, a great many forms of pretense, selective admission and filtering are rigorously trained into us. Is there anything more to “proper” socialization than that? I am learning to do this more myself even. It has been necessary to conduct classes more smoothly.

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I’ve noticed my stress getting through an interaction with a store clerk asking ‘How are you today?’ and I smile and say fine to get through it… I have to start saying ‘Not so good, thanks’ when applicable? You stress yourself by misrepresenting yourself. This has even been established in the lab. They have had people converse with a lab assistant while being scanned, and in one group they had the assistant be mildly abrasive. In the other, the assistant remained polite and neutral. Both groups conducted themselves normally, but every person who had to maintain self composure around even an only mildly abrasive person showed easily detectable spikes in stress. But this is not really my point…

Everyone seen that old movie “The Lawnmower Man“? It is loosely based on a Stephen King short story. The main characters are a neuroscientist and an autistic man named Job. The scientist convinces Job to volunteer as a test subject. The rig he is in is totally immersive, sort of like a Faraday cage, but instead providing carefully engineered stimuli. He does various things while Job is in the rig. He sets up a range of brain wave patterns to expand the way Job’s brain functions, then provides him with a barrage of complex geometric forms, musical sequences and even kinesthetic movement patterns, and after this training, which the doctor was monitoring in the exact same environment, he would submit Job to a series of tests which he got progressively better and better at. As he made further progress, his social skill did something paradoxical, they both improved. His theory of mind, as scientists called it, went through the roof and his empathy took a dive. He lost what little ability he had to relate to other people. It didn’t help that the nootropics the doctor gave him were later spiked with aggression enhancing substances.

Because he could “see” inside others’ minds? In time he did gain that ability, yes, but what was going on in that virtual environment happens to every one of us in our real space environment. We observe a communication protocol, socialization, society. There is even a range of complex sciences trying to perfect socialization as a technology, but the primary signals cannot be corrupted without consequence. The current prevailing attitude is that the default functions of the human brain are really just an inconvenience, and that people can be “educated”, trained or drugged out of them. How well has that been working for us so far?

My wife is an excellent example of the education system in Canada which is better than the system in the USA as it stands right now. Do you feel freed? Liberated from what the university trained you out of?

No, but I follow rules well. Many people do.

I’m glad to see it works for someone. It actually works for no one, not even her. If it worked, you would have improved mastery of your own mind rather than having your mind mastered by your field of study.

How does this all relate to your word? Well, your word is how you describe your experience, everything in your environment, as well as how you represent yourself to others. You are quite convinced that your life and well being depends on it. Society does a very good job of making sure you believe this is true. They count on it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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