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Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

Giving Your Word in Word

Your Word

There was at one time, and to some degree still is, a fair bit of concern regarding the value of ones word. What does it mean to give your word?

To give your testimony?

Honesty, commitment.

A promise to follow through.

The brain is a fascinating piece of the process we call our minds, and it’s behaviour does reveal a fair bit about the dynamics of the mind if only through indirect reflection. Of relevance to today’s topic though, the brain does not comprehend non entities. A signal is clear or it’s noisy, but if you say it’s absent, well, you can’t declare it absent and have it be absent.

Ah, you’re calling it into being in a sense? Yes. Your capacity for recognition of anything, people, places and objects, as well as circumstances and intentions, is dependant on those patterns already being present in your brain. You could not detect lies if you could not lie yourself.

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We think that the act of giving our word is a special thing we only do occasionally, from time to time, but this isn’t true. Every time you attempt to represent yourself in any way at all, you are making a statement, an assurance that it is true, that you are as you say you are.

In a book I’m reading their declarations end with, “I have spoken” like a giving of their words.

I recall “I see you” in the movie Avatar.

Our capacity to learn is dependent on the ability of new information to mesh with previously acquired information. They have even found that if the collection of information in your head is strongly representative enough of a pattern that new information would contradict, you will struggle very hard to learn the new information. It will take a great deal of effort if you can actually learn it at all. Like your entire memory is a great standing wave, stable and persistent, but will block or erase anything that doesn’t harmonize with it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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