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Walls don’t always block. They can funnel, intensifying the flow of the river.

Tell the Story Your Heart is In in Identity


Does this make my stuff about controlling the mind seem any more possible, any more practical?

You have to take your eyes off the prize. The prize is very often just another problem. In the “Ring of the Nibelung”, the hero wins the dragons hoard. He seems remarkably successful, even becomes king, only to be tormented endlessly and die miserably because of that very hoard. His every friend betrays him, even his lover turns on him. This all happens in pursuit of prizes.

Having that much power makes you a target. What about having many targets? If you have many targets you can move toward in pursuing your life, could you be stopped? Could you be overpowered?

Many targets in what way? Characters, relationships, spaces and scenes, degrees of freedom.

When one scene gets uncomfortable, you can switch to another.

Can you gain degrees of freedom from simply having information in your head?

Depends on your definition of freedom.

If you know the economy very well, exactly how it works, could you master it?

Yes. Actually, no. This is why they break the rules; insider trading, shady business deals, exploiting every legal loophole.

They make the rules to benefit themselves so what they are doing isn’t illegal. That’s true power. Actually, they make the rules to restrict their rivals.

True. They want to have the most power which means you have to create a way to deny power to others. That’s what the rules are for. They have to find ways to ignore that story. Do you know what obeying the story of the economy makes you?

Poor? Middle class if you’re lucky, but yes, it’s just as possible to wind up poor. Those people who go from poor to filthy rich? How do they do it?

Ignoring naysayers.

Make their own story?

They have to do worthless things. Homeless poor women have to write fantasy novels. It was absurd of her, and she did it anyway.

Rowling? Yes, King also. When he got started he was indeed a down and outer so to speak. He had a hard time holding down a steady job.

So doing what sounds absurd to you is really the story you want to tell the most. That takes a lot of guts. Yes, exactly. Tell the story your heart is in. That is the source of a real life. Nothing else is.

But it should be easy. It indeed should be easy. This doesn’t mean it should be effortless.

That’s what I hear those successful people say the most. That they never “Dreamed” they’d be doing this for a living, but can’t imagine doing anything less now.

This thinking I share with you, does it seem simple?

No. But it’s as easy for me as breathing. I do it without trying. It’s just my nature. It’s not effortless. It does take up my time and energy, but I don’t have to make myself do it. I don’t have to try to become more like this. I just am this.

Yes, do what is in your nature, and it doesn’t feel like work.

It sometimes feels you are flowing well with your train of thought, but I can tell when you are fatigued. I should say most of them time you flow freely. I can tell when I am intellectually and emotionally fatigued a bit more readily than normal. It is a side effect of the autism. Why they “self stim” as they call it.

Animals also tell stories. Daemon (our cat) tells me stories. He tells me about “out” and that he wants to go there. He tells me about hunger and that he wants me to help that. He tells me about boredom and how he thinks he could wrestle my arm.

I love the story of out. Oh, the story of out is a great story. Epic. Many people should tell it more often.

My dog has learned to unplug my laptop. Likely because she wants you to consider that story, huh?

Probably so.

If it can tell a story, it’s a person? Yes, dolphins and prairie dogs can, whales and birds can. Some stories do end in predation. Many don’t have to though. In fact, Darwinian selection is looking less and less viable as the absolute gauge of evolution. It’s looking like coexistence and cooperation mattered more.

India banning captive dolphins made me think of the topic “Personhood.” I think it’s great. We need to start the expansion of personhood to other species. Chimpanzees would be good candidates, gorillas also, all great apes really.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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