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Management of the Story in Identity


So we have a producer, yes? If you can direct your mind at all, then we have a producer, no? We have a cast of characters and can recast if needed, yes? By recasting our attention.

Sometimes the adherence is because you get stuck and miss out on learning about other views. Yes, you have to range out of what matters to you, be open to more things, more characters. That is how the scene is set. What is it to be open? What do we mean when we say “I’m open?”

Malleable, flexible. What is that other than a mood? We state that we are accepting of what might be or might occur, yes? We are calling action on our set when we are feeling open, but we don’t even have to have that mood. We can be productive without it, but the story is likely to be rather uninspired.

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So are we missing any elements?

The twists and anti climaxes that make you want to keep reading…

Eventually the angry musician has to change their tune, no? Otherwise, won’t it be the same old angry sound?

Music. Even music is story telling, but all stories need a resolution, somewhere they are going, and well, we want that too, but resolution isn’t ending. That is where society right now has lost it’s mind. Thinking it has to end things, end people, end changes, end choices. Do they even have a chance of stopping anything?

Not in any true sense.

So you start with characters. That set of characters coupled with the mood or spirit sets the scene, and well, why do we like watching baby animals? Mood = spirit.

Because… OMG, cute!!


Pure action and discovery of their world.

The little puppy isn’t telling a story in any way we normally think of them. We share in the baby animals mood. What happens if that mood stays exuberant?

You’re the puppies best friend when you get on the ground and play with them.

Puppy keeps yapping loudly?

Big eyes and big heads with little bodies and feet triggers the nurturing instinct. Does it constantly trigger that?

No. It sometimes triggers fear.

Ever get tired of puppy?

Tired of having the responsibility. Tired of it piddling and chewing.

We want the puppy to rest. We want to see how happy it is, and we want to see that play out. We want to see the mood come to rest.

We often think baby animals are their most cute when they are sleeping or sleepy. Why is that?

They are peaceful.

Sleeping peacefully is a sign of just that…peace. Happy. No worries or fears.

So what if we told our stories in such a way as they led to rest from the mood they started in? How many of your stories came to rest? How many events in your life did you come to feel at peace with?

Not until we are dead. I offer that this isn’t a necessary attitude. There is a resolution to every condition. Just as sure as injuries to your body heal, you can be at peace with stories from your past. It’s in management of the story. Acknowledging the mood or spirit of the story, the spirit of your stories, your spirituality. Is there anything else to spirituality?

Yes, I’m finding those easier to recognize as I get older. Things that I can be “cool” with. You come to be cool with more things because, either through conscious process or lucky circumstance, you acquire the understanding of how to deal with it which you did not get from the context you were originally in.

I’m cool with things that have taught me something. Not so much with stuff I feel I could have avoided or changed.

We can speed that process up though. How do you avoid something and keep your attention fixed on it?

I just go around it like that mess on the sidewalk. Then your attention has to go around it. You have to acknowledge that there is more than the obstacle. Take your eyes off the lamp post, take your eyes off the enemy, imagine you have no enemies and never did have any. What would that do to your stories?

It would make them less interesting.

I would be at peace.

I have never had an enemy. Every hand that struck me, every trust betrayed, never was there an enemy. There were stories, and I was not a character. For a time, I tried to understand those stories, even tried to identify with the main character of those stories. That hand that struck me so often, the heart that betrayed me. I even could to some degree, but that never helped anything. It didn’t help me or them.

I had to look at bigger stories. This is why I read so much as a kid. This is why I read mythology, cultural lore. I wanted to understand what stories there could be, not just the one that seemed apparent to me. I began to see the story I was in was reflected in many other stories and came to see that those spirits resolved. The story had a drive that lead to a conclusion, and was concluded not so much by what the characters did, but what they gave attention to, presence to. Everything resolves with discovery. Discovering the magick sword, the monsters hidden lair, the enemies secret weakness. The rest is really just a technicality is it not?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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