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Life seems to deal in a quantum way, in whole units.

Fortune Favours the Imaginative in Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

Imagine reality is a true democracy. Reality is like a woven tapestry. What do weavers do with hopelessly snarled threads?

They just snip them away and start again. People like imperfections now. It shows the hand of the crafter. They like imperfections, and don’t care what they craft. They aren’t the only ones getting a vote.

The great map that fairy tales play out on is infinitely imaginative. It has room for threads of any color, any fiber, but the snarl that would fray the whole tapestry… They do unsnarl it at first, but how responsive are humans to nature’s ways these days?

Not at all, except for a small few. There have always been the gifted few, and how many times are the village people humiliated in fairy tales?

I love that opening scene from Robin Hood: Men In Tights. The villagers complaining that every time they make a Robin Hood movie their village gets burned down. They should find better roofing material than dry flammable grasses. They complain, but it was and is their own foolishness.

Ever hear the saying, “Fortune favors the bold”? What it actually favors is the imaginative. Those who see what lays behind the stories, who see that the emperor has no clothes, and that the ginger bread house is actually made of human skin. It doesn’t take imagination to assume you see something.

So the story teaches that you should know when you are being fed rubbish? Basically, yes, but more specifically, know when you’re feeding yourself rubbish.

The original Hansel and Gretel was a crone story. The crone is mother death. The fact that we are all consumed in time, that the blind child won’t survive. That was the original rationale behind fairy tale stories also. They threw the baby out with the bath water when they sanitized the stories.

So we need to stay away from too many sweets? Actually, you need to stay away from too many habits, and I mean any habit. This is why fairy tales always involve some radical turn around or disruption of events.

Disney has taken a few bold risks, they did the The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Disney isn’t necessarily despicable. And that story is all about lust and discrimination, important things for kids to be aware of. Human vices, yes.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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