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Are you a dog being wagged by its tail? Most are.

Freeze Frame Reality in Talismans


So yes, the numbers and math, the grids and abstract lines… These are the rounding element of any talisman. Even something as simple as making certain the lines of text are straight fulfills this element.

The symbols and words on a talisman would correspond to the horizon. They form a sort of map of the order as you either perceive it to properly be, or as you intend for it to become, and then the astrological imagery is to harmonize that order with the cosmic order so that the world itself will support the order being shown in the talisman. The world is seen as being changing, the sky is seen as being mostly unchanging. This is where we get the idea “as above, so below.”

If they symbolize the horizon, which we learned is also a magick circle… Indeed, a talisman is ultimately another form of magick circle. It just doesn’t stay circular. It’s a conceptual circle instead, and the circle still has to balance and close appropriately.

Does the fact that the sky is really changing factor in now? Ah indeed, the fact that the sky is really changing does factor in. The sky is used because it’s seen as ultimately governing and perpetuating all earthly energies. Sort of setting the tidal rhythm of everything that happens here, and like an oar on a boat the talisman as a tool serves to help navigate the otherwise uncontrollable tide.

Very true, the earth resides in the sky and moves through it and is affected by everything else in the sky.

That uncontrollable part, that is scary.

I was thinking about all those Christian beliefs being shattered by Newton, Galileo et al. Indeed, the age of western theocracy being supplanted more or less by the “age of reason.”

The solar system for one and now the god particle. Yes, which may or may not be what they think it is. But either way it does seem to be shaking up their physical theories some. The current observation barring some other discovery.

The first aspect of making a talisman, though, falls entirely in the domain of natural magick. The selection of materials and colours is the essence that all the symbolism works with. That and the place and technique of crafting the talisman. You all already know how I have described the multiverse as a huge complex hologram, yes? And the thing about holograms is you can take any part and still have the full picture in that small part, like human cells.

Well, in the case of the multiversal structure of reality, what is real depends on your point of view, the angle you are looking at the universe from, and when you create a talisman you are setting a freeze frame of a specific facet of reality you want to contact and work with. In one reality, a mountain in just a mountain, and all the things science says about it are true, but from a different angle there is no such thing as mountains though there is no gap in reality even in that place, and instead of the mountain as we know it you would see a huge intelligence, a huge being, and if you carry with you something that carries the same tone as that reality, you stay in touch with the mountain/not mountain being.

Sympathetic magic. Yes, talismans do use that principle.

I have a mountain poem that pretty much says the same thing.

Why climb a mountain? Look, a mountain there,
I don’t climb a mountain, the mountain climbs me
Mountain is myself, I climb on myself,
Ohhh, there is no mountain, nor a myself
Something moves up and down
In the air

Yes, people think they are agents in the world doing things to objects, but you change more than anything you take action on.

You are the spoon. And you are bent out of shape, or at least may be, and yes, it’s because of thought.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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