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Challenges are simply challenges and choices are simply choices. They cannot possibly be good or bad. Whether they are good or bad depends on how we view it afterwards.

Create a Pocket Reality in Talismans

Kachina Dolls

In a talisman, we can gather the aspects of reality we want? Yes, need to in order for it to be effective. The key thing is the idea must always come full circle. The picture must always be complete, and in fact most of the talismans you see for sale in curio shops are incomplete. Simplified in order to make them easier to create so they are half a song so to speak. There are some very simple talismans that are the exception to this. Not every talisman is a complex affair, nor do they necessarily have to be. They just have to avoid leaving symbolic blanks. Like gaps in a chant being bad, gaps in the symbolic pattern are bad.

The only thing left to understanding and using or even making talismans is to understand the specific culture and or tradition it comes from. If you set out to make a talisman and print English words on it, you shouldn’t use Latin also. The idea has to keep it’s structural integrity, and plain English works fine. An intuitive inspired poem can serve as a talisman, as well as a clearly structured doodle. I do find that people tend to feel drawn to a specific style of talisman, and I think sticking with what works best for you is a great idea.

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Like money or the presidential seal. Maybe that’s why our money is so broken. Ah likely, it’s a badly designed talisman, and it is indeed a talisman. It symbolizes strength and well being of the nation, communal prosperity. This is why it has meaning as a trade medium.

Too many symbols mashed together, third eye on some bills too.

So if you feel drawn to Buddhist prayer flags and wheels and meditation bowls, it’s perfectly fine to make those your focus of talisman work. If instead you prefer kachina dolls, Native American woodcarving and things like that, go with those. If Egyptian cartouches speak to you, go with those. You can even discover your very own style of talisman, but it’s a lot of work and has to be considered very carefully. Odds are you will just wind up using symbolism that featured heavily in an older tradition anyway. As connected to the spirit of Egyptian cosmology as I feel, their talismans don’t speak to me as much as say a Native American medicine wheel does.

I really don’t think I have any talismans in my life. I think Mayan writing is cool. Yes, and you can use identified elements for your own purposes. It’s possible the Mayan spirits have lost some of their thirst for blood. Arguably, they didn’t start with it in the first place.

So any questions or comments about talismans, how to understand them, make them, or how they are used? Some other facet?

How are they used? They create a pocket reality. You wear it to make your aura filter things differently. The influence of the talisman may even be that it opens your personal bubble so you aren’t blinded by your default pocket reality, give you the freedom to move and adapt. The eye of Horus would be one such symbol, so would the eye of Odin.

Beware of default pocket realities. Yes, as comfy as they are, well… What happens to people stuck in a small cell for too long?

Insanity, stir crazy. Yes, and many people resemble that do they not?

Yes. I hope mine doesn’t show too much. I think you wander in spirit now that your body doesn’t get about like it once did, so it only shows a little bit. It’s hard to avoid the frustration.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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