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“It’s a luxury to be understood.” Ralph Waldo Emerson. A mission to understand. Know thyself.

What is Fun? in Play


I will open with a question. What is fun?

Challenging, engaging activity.

There are no wrong answers of course.

A diversion from everyday routines. Excellent.

Something we enjoy.

The original word we likely got the word “fun” from meant mischief, pranks. Interesting that fun seems to involve disruption, something out of the ordinary. Is this so?

True. How much in our day do we do “just because”? Just because we want to.

Too much. Ah well, there is a difference between doing something because someone says “I told you so”, and because we want to, but why is there a difference?

We seem to have more fun when we’re self-directed. Free. That is an important element. I sometimes run role-playing games. I once had a friend I had to exclude from my games because he wanted to play his character and tell everyone else what to do also which really removes the whole point of the game, no?

Do you know how to have fun? Can you have fun at will?

I just played fetch with my dog. That can be fun.

I’m better at work.

I think Photoshop is fun but people act like I’m weird when I say that. It’s not reasonable to judge anyone for how they have fun with the exception of that fun causing harm. Even when the word still meant mischief, it was only considered acceptable if it just created comedy. Comedy which is not shame. Otherwise, mischief is instead malice. What do you think?

I agree, and many don’t know that line it seems.

Yes, because what is fun for someone, like playing sports, is a job for others. Or not fun if you aren’t good at it.

You raise an excellent point. Can we really define fun? One definition that everyone understands?

Not the objective task as fun or not. It depends on the individual. Perhaps we can define a common feeling people have about fun?

We know when we’re having fun.

Yes. It’s generally something that can be taken lightly and is experienced as having intrinsic value, something you do for its own sake just because it’s worth doing.

It’s relaxing and enjoyable. It might not even be relaxing necessarily, but it will be enjoyable. Some people are “thrill seekers.”

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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