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We have a root too, my friend. The mandala of the soul has a center.

Fringe Incarnation and Contact in Undead


Could undead materialize in the cyber realm? Ah yes, the fringe incarnation. There are stories of the dead returning to inhabit objects, tools or weapons, clothing, things formerly of emotional meaning to them. This is why in some cultures these things were burned, and perhaps why we still have a habit of burying possessions with the deceased.

How weird would that be. You’ve had a friend online for a year, then you find out they have been dead for three. That would be very strange, and for very many deeply disturbing.

It would be even weirder if it turned out to be your lost loved one, befriending you online. Indeed, and not in all cultures are the undead seen as in any way profane. They are not automatically unholy. That’s just common in the modern era.

But yes, as far as physical turning into a corporeal undead, I cannot say. But otherwise influence is influence, and what state you would know when you depart after having kept company with the restless dead… Well, like tends to resemble like, birds of a feather and all that.

Could there be any benefit from becoming entangled with a group of undead? Necromancers sought it out deliberately, sort of like social networking. They sought favours and knowledge from the undead.

The body of some monks remains in a ‘living state’ for a few days after their death. That wouldn’t be undeath, perhaps a rapid transition, and not entirely unheard of. It is perhaps a form of corporeal undeath, preserving the meditative state almost indefinitely.

Some Buddhist monks learned how to mummify themselves. Apparently they would fast, killing off the bacteria in their stomach that would cause there flesh to rot. It’s the bacteria that lead to decay,

Are the undead more active at Halloween? Is the link stronger? Remember my referencing the geomagnetic activity of the earth earlier? Fluctuations in that are rather common, and they experience seasons not unlike our atmosphere. In fact, geomagnetic storms are almost synonymous with lightning storms, and were linked to that in older reckoning, even surviving to inspire songs like “Ghost Riders in the Sky”, things like that. Well, this link is the source of the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) as well. The fog, that builds up around the Halloween season in many places, was said to shelter the undead, and with our hemisphere tilting away from the sun at this time of year, that electromagnetic behavior does change. So to cut to the point, yes, there is more contact between the underworld and shadow state, and the world of the living at that time of year.

Is the electromagnetic field the medium of the underworld, or just the connection to ours? The connection, or part of it. It shows up in our brains, as well, in some peoples more than others, the old, the mentally ill, and children.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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