The wise have one foot in insanity, and the sane have one foot in the grave.

Rise of Undead in Undead


What might make a whole sale rise of undead you might ask? Well, from time to time the living experience radically unbalanced states of stress, a sort of crisis that reaches critical mass.

Plague, famine, war? Yes. The undead may have been mistaken for angels at one time. The original recollections of the malahk don’t describe those beings as taking human form, but the undead would. The malahk are also known as angels. But even in the case of the events that occurred under Hitler’s influence, there were a few stories of the undead showing up even in corporeal form.

Have all these natural disasters, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, been raising the dead? Disturbing them, yes, and more strange events will be occurring in the next few years.

Mass deaths must create some kind of backlog? They do in a sense, and they create a very great deal of noise, a storm of departing energy that seriously clouds the passage between states.

Can the shadow realm become over crowded? Good question. It actually doesn’t conform to normal spacial geography. It’s partitioned along temporal lines, and manifests in the earth geomagnetic field. This is part of the reason for the expanded range of recent geomagnetic storms, and shows up in places like the Oregon Vortex in the States. But all over the world, mirrored walls that function as equally large rooms, a mansion with countless branches, this information is the origin of the concept of the “underworld”.

I’d guess that crowded there translates to noisy? It can become very noisy. It’s what draws attention from the other side to our world. The actual material events being more muffled in their impact on the far side.

Why do the Christians have an undead uprising with the second coming of Jesus? Aren’t their dead supposed to be at peace? Oh, because they believe the dead remain dead until they enter into the presence of their God on earth, the end days. It’s a concept unique to them. They’re not in heaven until the final judgement day is resolved. So it’s a loose end they feel needs resolution. This is perhaps what motivates all these end of day’s prophecies in the modern church, fear of their own mortality.

But they also say, “He is in a better place” meaning he is in heaven now, so most Christians don’t understand their own faith. They have a weak grasp on the lineage of their own theology, and almost no grasp on the metaphysics behind their own faith. There is plenty of emotion though, and fear for their salvation.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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