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Highly Charged Thought Forms in Undead


One model for the possible existence of incorporeal undead might be found in highly charged thought forms.

In general, many people have memories of any specific person who might die. As both the memory of the person in life, and the emotions connected to their death might be highly emotionally charged, all of this energy might go toward the same construct in the human collective unconscious creating a semi animate but “soulless’ shell or revenant of the individual. That while sentient, is not equipped to interact with any other mind in any rational way. It’s something between a recorded haunting and a poltergeist.

In fact, the link between sorcerers, and necromancers, and the undead is likely linked to this sort of phenomenon. Couple a form of psychic sensitivity with an intuitive knack for agitating these presences in the environment, and it might give a very convincing impression of being able to wake the dead. Sort of allowing the necromancer a second hand telekinesis.

Are there real necromancers today? Well, almost no one would actually identify themselves as a necromancer, as the title has a very negative meaning to most people’s minds, and those who might be exercising a necromancers talent might not realize that is what they are doing.

No doubt there are Goth kids and Wicca that might call themselves such. Might, mostly Goth. The teachings of Wicca actually frown on a morbid fixation on death and the dead.

Necromancy is basically what all the psychics are doing when they talk to the dead, yes? Yes, indeed. Medium = necromancer, or telepath, depending on whom they report to contact.

So people need to be cautious because they may be using thought forms from the person vs. actually talking to the dead person? Like talking to a recording or a simple program? Yes. The undead are not necessarily the consciousness or soul of the departed. In fact, many forms of undead have no connection to any specific individual at all, and are instead born of a collective spiritual scar or mark on an entire population.

Maybe why castles are often haunted, all that torture. Exactly.

What should we look for to determine if an undead is a soul vs. a thought form of some kind? An undead soul will show a core of coherent awareness, a sense of self and a degree of free will, even if intensely preoccupied.

It would be like determining if we’re chatting with a bot or a real person online? Exactly.

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Travis Saunders
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  1. Julia Ankan

    Highly charged thought forms can be very dangerous if someone wants you get harmed. And the person who does that he has some powerful psychic powers.

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