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In my experience, reason neither enables nor supports empathy or social justice.

Second Life Forms: Death and Wolf in Masks


Let’s use our Second Life forms right now, shall we? You might be surprised about how much of the form is real in you, how much of it you know.

I will go first, ready? Speaking as this form, I am dead. Everything will be dead, everything is making progress toward death, and no one is any different from anyone else.

There are many circuits that deliver a being to death. It’s all a system, and my purpose is to smooth that system out, to make it all move as efficiently as possible. I am the great leveler. We are all equal.

Now is this just insanity? Is there no wisdom in it?

Death is necessary for rebirth. Your mission is to help people to spiritual rebirth.

If you like, share a problem with me as death, and I will tell you how death sees it.

How can I prevent regrets depressing me? Your path is certain. Your choices are all viable. Your feelings need to be accepted and enacted, and taken on a level playing ground. Consider well what you allow to breathe, and what is allowing you to breathe, because the only thing you can really call your own is your breath. In the end, your life was what you did. Will it be you acting as a mask for something else?

That’ll explain my war with cigarettes. I seem to have won that one, by the way, if that’s not a personal story you don’t want to hear. Actually, I am unusual. I find normal people endlessly fascinating. The real world is really very weird, and I like watching it fall apart.

Then we must bore you. You fascinate me. It’s like watching fungus grow on road kill. I am amazed at what comes of all this so called reality when it fails.

The potential is vast, like possibility being squished through one of those playdo machines. Yes, it can be fun.

Ok. We have a wolf here. Grrr. If he is willing, we can get him to tell us about life as a wolf, being a man wolf and all.

Full of rage and pain, hunting killing eating, and mating. No napping? No play? Oh, lots of napping. And pooing in the forest? Yes, pooing too.

Is there nothing you enjoy? Oh, I enjoy the mating. And the hunting? The fighting? When necessary. I enjoy it better when it’s considered appropriate. It’s hard to be a beast in modern society. You think about it? I have to, otherwise you get into trouble. I’ve got to be sneaky.

Are humans sane? No. They smell and they lie, so many lies.

Why are humans dangerous? They entice you with fresh meat and then trap you and cage you. Force you to do tricks? They do try often, very controlling, hate being controlled.

Do they seem to have reasons for what they try? Selfishness, most narcissist species.

Friends, can you see wisdom in the man wolf? I can. I trust that being.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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