Time has been very expansive, and consciousness came well before humanity.

Second Life Forms: Fairy, Ghost and Clown in Masks


Tell us about life as a fairy.

My first thought is that my first Halloween costume as a child was the blue fairy.

Did you ever stop being the blue fairy? 

Not sure, but this costume is winter colors and I just had a birthday. So I was thinking of cycles, but yeah, I flit from thing to thing, admire the shiny ones. Fairies are nature’s observers.

What do you see in the world today blue fairy?

People are too serious.

What does your fairy mind think of human affairs? Why do humans act like that?

Humans could make things be wonderful and beautiful, but they don’t. 

Why not?

They don’t understand what’s important, that the environment would lift their spirits if they cared for it. Very true.

What is life like as a ghost lady?

I’m usually in the background and content to be there.

What is it like to linger in other people’s lives?

I can listen to what they have to say. I will make myself heard or felt if need be.

What makes a ghost need to be heard?

A ghost usually has a story to tell or some message they want to give before they go to the next plain.

So life has messages?

But I would still feel lonely if no one was here.

So peoples stories matter?

Lady ghosts are kind of romantic and tragic, died too young or something like that. Oh, lost love, lost feeling, lost opportunity? Yes.

So they embody a warning? What is the warning?

That life can change so fast. I think it goes with what was asked about regrets causing depression. Yes, it’s an important message.

Now if he’s willing, I would like to call on our axe wielding clown. Up to it? Conflicted tree hugger? Has a love hate relationship? Want to tell us about life seen from the point of view of your costume? What is life like to killer clown?

Speaking as an axe-wielding clown, the makeup came off today. And my day has been an open wound, doused in vinegar, with plates that could shatter if I made too much noise. I would not want to kill a thing, it has never been a desire and I’ve been confused by people that have it.

Ahh, so the joke is on you?

The joke is always on me. I’m a funnier man than my life turned out to be. I was given a mask very early on and told, “This is the way things are.” 

So were you ever wearing a mask?

No. The nose came off earlier too, before these questions.

Ok, a personal question. Did you see the most recent depiction of the Joker in the Batman movie “The Dark Knight“? Do you understand him?

He could have made more of the role. Oh indeed, there is a great deal of depth to the role. The one behind the clown mask is the same person behind every human mask. We are all the joker in this day and age, would you agree?

I understood the allure of chaos, but I’ve never been a believer. Neither was the joker really. That is why he did what he did.

Who really believes these days? Church goers? Public servants?

Kids? For children it’s natural. The iron mask comes all too soon for them.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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