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You can learn from good things. It requires a different skill set maybe. Today’s culture doesn’t teach us. It teaches us to solve problems. To look for issues and “fix” that.

Natural vs Expected in Masks


They say that crime occurs when inclination meets up with opportunity. Is there any set of values that can be clearly established to have no dark side?

Would I rob a bank if someone gave me a mask and a gun and drove me to the door of one? I would say that you are already disinclined to do so. So though you might have the opportunity to rob a bank, you would not. But looking at your current set of values, there are “crimes” that you would indeed be inclined to do because I offer this is true of everyone.

I’d steal an apple for someone that was hungry. Violence is typically enacted in the name of righteousness, punishing the wicked. Theft and fraud are often undertaken for the sake of a “higher” ideal. They have a larger more important goal in mind, so they reason the taking of what they are not entitled to is forgivable. They plan to “make amends” in advance. Organized criminal groups often have a positive side to them. They stake a claim to a region as their “turf”, their home, and often see the locals who live there as a sort of family, even if dysfunctional.

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And that is how we got border patrols? Oh, indeed. Nations could be said to be the biggest organized crime groups on the planet so far. What is military action of any sort other than a “protection” racket. Do what we want or we will make you do it and nobody wants that …

Agreed. The president gives permission to murder. Yes, so do mob bosses, and in fact, an unauthorized hit tends to have the same consequences that it does in military service as well. The guilty party is executed.

I accidently took a bottle of water at the airport. I forgot I was holding it, was standing in a long line, and then they told me they didn’t have what I wanted so I just left and realized I was still holding the water about half an hour later. Unintentional crime. Have you ever been overcompensated at a store when they gave you change? Did you make a point of going back and giving them specifically the amount they were due? We want to ignore these little issues, perhaps even need to ignore them, but why is that? Why not correct all our little errors?

There are better things to do. Ah indeed, but how do we know there are better things to do then tend to these little details?

Life would get too stressful correcting all the details. I know, I’ve tried. What part of us would experience this stress and strain?

Our true self.

But there is a point of view that we do automatically take note of isn’t there? We all already know what would be expected of us if no errors were allowed. Is this not so?

Scary thought– no errors allowed. I feel that life without errors would be quite intolerable. I fully agree with that.

My point up till now was to illustrate a relationship between ourselves and the world around us, perhaps the natural versus the expected.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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