What evil would arise in sex if people just accepted it? What evil would arise in exotic senses of self if they were just accepted? What harm?

Selection is Needed in Masks


Every colour is good. Indeed, they are all good, but what if you run one colour into another?

They blend. Some blend better than others. If everything runs together, it’s all brown. Some selection is needed. How many people these days live with a brown picture of life? All looks like dookie?

A lot but they call it grey. I guess no crayons at all.

Dookie is life for flies and crops. Ah, yes, eventually stinks come to be seen as being just smells, and indeed, in the end it’s still an important element, but it has to have distinctive inclusions, seeds, in order to germinate anything.

One of my friends called that outlook “optical rectumitis.” If you think about it, what is the real difference between an iris and a sphincter?

Altitude. Exactly, what is raised up, elevated to stand out, set apart from the background. What you set apart from the background is up to you, but shouldn’t something be chosen to stand out?

Yes indeed, a punch colour. Can you have perspective without contrast?

You need the right light and shadow to see a lovely sunset.

How much wisdom can anyone have whose primary opinion is that all truth is relative? Don’t we use perspective and wisdom to mean the same thing? If I have any wisdom, it’s because of the degree and range of contrast I see in life. Now unfortunately, my picture may look like a strange piece of abstract art, but better to have something to apprehend and show to others than just our brown backside, is it not?

Honestly, it does seem like one of the most popular social messages amounts to “eat my shorts” as people will obfuscate any attitude you show them, contradict any point of view you offer, find fault with anything you might do. I don’t care to eat anyone’s shorts, honestly. It leads to a horrible bout of nausea, a general sickness or malaise over life, and a horrible case of metaphorical bad breath. When all the obsessive generality begins to get to you, how do you tend to talk to other people? What does it leave you being able to say?

The weather. Shopping, celebrity or political scandal. Any of this especially inspiring stuff?

But we can take a breath mint at any time, just by taking a breather. When everything starts to look the same, you can take a moment and consider that you can decide what any of it really means to you. Yes, this may lead you to omit some element at that specific time and place, which is perfectly fine as long as it doesn’t just become another way to blind yourself. Like one person’s dislike for black and orange, as a combination, is perfectly fine, and reducing the number of instances where those two things come together is perfectly in order as long as you don’t lose sight of why you are doing so, or refuse to consider the reason why you encounter them together in the first place.

Any questions about your persona, or how to use and redesign it? Have I given a clear idea of how to find inspiration in exploring and developing it?

I read an article the other day on how people underestimate how much they change in 10 years. And yet you also stay the same. It’s still paper. It’s still crayons, but people lose sight of that common ground, the real truth behind all human interaction.

Maybe people are just underestimating the colour palette. Burnt sienna… I’m a fan.

Notice the white crayon hardly ever gets used since colouring pages are mostly white. My favorite sort of drawing involved black paper and white crayons.

I remember getting a box of crayons with burnt sienna and went nuts over it and colouring white over the other colours can give a nice effect. Yes, softens things, makes the image feel lighter.

I do hope you enjoyed it, and just remind yourself that the picture remains a picture sometimes. After a while that notion will stay with you also.

An additional thought… My wife describes me as being very patient with people, which is not how I see myself. But what I do see in dealing with people is that despite the fact that someone is showing me a picture I don’t like, I don’t have to claim it. I can let it stay where it is until the person it does belong to claims it.

You get impatient with folks that try to take over your class but then don’t accept your offer to let them. Yes, I don’t see myself as patient, especially when people want to take my picture and not trade instead.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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