'Masks' Chapter


You have no reality beyond your masks. In every situation, in every environment, you adapt or adopt a persona which is just another word for mask. We acquire our masks from two different sources. The masks like you see in voodoo are inspired by human observation of nature. The other set of masks is derived from the relatively new domain of human “conscious’ thought. Very primitive and impressionistic masks all wind up resembling death masks.

Let’s remove all masks from everything. What would life be like? It would be a formless world. The original meaning of the word soul in Greek was a reference to form, otherwise you have formless matter. All forms take on you. Everyone is possessed. This is the substance of our being.

“Although I know it’s unfair, I reveal myself one mask at a time.” Stephen Dunn

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.” Oscar Wilde

What Are Masks?

Today we are discussing masks. What are masks? A disguise of our identity. I must admit, the first mask that springs to mind now is this “V” for vendetta one. That’s a pretty meaningful one right now, and will likely… Seek More

Sources of Masks

Masks were not created by us. Our oldest traditions as human beings involved masks of some kind. We only arrive at the understanding we have of animals and nature by adopting a persona that matches what we are looking at,… Seek More

Formless World

To close the gap between masks and identity, there is another tool of the shaman called a fetish. Cultures the world over have used fetishes of one type or another, and I don’t mean a subject of obsessive thought. I… Seek More

Forms People Take

What sort of forms do people take? Authority. The king or god. Status. Lover. How much wisdom do these forms have? How much guidance do they provide? A lineage back throughout time. Indeed. As they say, those who don’t remember… Seek More

Second Life Forms: Death and Wolf

Let’s use our Second Life forms right now, shall we? You might be surprised about how much of the form is real in you, how much of it you know. I will go first, ready? Speaking as this form, I… Seek More

Second Life Forms: Fairy, Ghost and Clown

Tell us about life as a fairy. My first thought is that my first Halloween costume as a child was the blue fairy. Did you ever stop being the blue fairy?  Not sure, but this costume is winter colors and… Seek More

Masks Pick You

Remember the two kingdoms of masks I spoke of earlier? Nature and death. Also, mind and body. Any words will be a bit strained, but we all have the experience, because we all have the same collection of masks. What are… Seek More

Mask of True Power

Imagine with me if you will. You are sick in bed. Your bed has been moved to the center of a large room by your family, and they are very afraid for your well-being. You can barely see and the… Seek More

Choose from the Web

Crow is a liberator, a herald of change. After crow comes the great serpent, also known as the dragon. I’ve had a serpent coil round my body, and I could feel it squeezing the breath out of me. Yes, again a warning,… Seek More

Adopting Traits

I will start with a question. How much of what you know yourself as is something you chose to be? How many skills did you freely choose to learn? I’ve noticed that who I am is a result of my… Seek More