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My prize is in seeing.

Forms People Take in Masks


What sort of forms do people take?

Authority. The king or god. Status. Lover.

How much wisdom do these forms have? How much guidance do they provide?

A lineage back throughout time. Indeed. As they say, those who don’t remember their past are doomed to repeat it.

When you take on that form, it takes on you and has a life of its own. All forms take on you. Everyone is possessed.

Like the police reacting to protestors, they are being taken over by the spirit of authority. They wouldn’t act that way in other circumstances. Yes. They may go home and reflect on the insanity they themselves committed and feel ashamed, but unless they quit that day, they will be back at it again.

It always feels right when you are in the middle of it. Yes, the gods never believe they are wrong.

This is the substance of our being. Even rebel is a mask. We have names for that god, and most people are very afraid of it, which is usually a him.

In the ultimate fighter, all those guys wearing the warrior mask, it is often the one who rejects that mask who succeeds in the end. Oh indeed, the heretic is often the hero, though no one ever likes them, again it’s paradoxical.

Those who called themselves rebel can just as easily switch to predator when in a different position. Yes. There are many paths, many masks, but they are literally all shared. How many personal stories have you heard, that you could not identify all the characters in? How many characters are in a break-up story? How many in a first love story? Are any new characters ever invented?

All are archetypes. Yes. To the point of the stories being boring. This is largely why we often don’t want to hear peoples personal stories, but there is another side to that.

The reason we don’t like to hear people’s personal stories, is all the characters wear death masks. I phrase this as a blanket statement I know, and it’s not an absolute truth, but it’s true often enough that we can trust it as a rule. All these stories remind us that we aren’t living, and that we will soon die. They separate us from our world and from the wellspring of meaning.

In other people’s stories, I see my own past failures, and want to right them by offering the person advice. They never listen. And they never will.

Is this why the uplifting stories are so uncommon? It is indeed. The masks involved lack spirit.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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