Simple truth, there is no such thing as absolute change. In any change that occurs in your life something always endures.

Masks Pick You in Masks


Remember the two kingdoms of masks I spoke of earlier?

Nature and death. Also, mind and body. Any words will be a bit strained, but we all have the experience, because we all have the same collection of masks. What are the truly great stories? What do they include?

A bad guy. Yes. They always have to have the monster.

Helpless damsel. The helpless damsel is also the straight man in comedy.

And hero. But what makes a hero a hero?

Perseverance against great odds. How does the hero find the strength to persevere?

Love, true grit, belief. Exactly, we all have anchors, reference points, points of view. We all have masks. Do we have to choose to love?

I never thought it was a choice. It ultimately isn’t, but people think they have a choice. They think they can choose between love and meaninglessness.

Well, here is the punch line to every joke, the spoiler to every movie. The gods always win. The masks always win. Those old beings wear our faces, as much as we wear theirs. You wear your mothers face, or your fathers, or both.

No wonder mine is getting stretched out. Yes, it can make you age quite quickly if the fit is bad, but we can tell what fits. You give a face to every name, but not all names are equal are they?

Are cosmetic surgery addicts unhappy with their masks? They are, and they will remain so unless the change makes them see the truth. With the insight that the flesh mask changes, we can see what masks are really enduring, which actually have meaning, and meaning is power. Meaning is wisdom, which encompasses all knowledge.

You don’t have to pick a mask, masks pick you.

Our Second Life avatars are the ultimate mask, don’t you think? I think they can be. For many of us though, they are just an imaginary body, and many in Second Life don’t put much imagination into it, going with something out of a fashion magazine. These forms are life draining, but the shamans mask had power. Ever witness a shaman performing in a mask?

No, but I’ve seen masked dancers. It’s ultimately the same experience.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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