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Drive To Engage


As a young boy I was very quiet, but when I became a teen I reversed that and became very vocal and encountered disagreement at every turn from my family, from my friends. Everyone just thought me a fool. But… Seek More

The Damned


Ever notice how mental illness changes people? Well, growth and evolution happen even among the restless dead. The lost can grow into what Christians might call the damned. With the so called damned, those formerly human spirits who have grown… Seek More

Restless Dead Explanations


The Halloween holiday has more of a traditional link to the undead than monsters in general, as we’ll focus on now. For the purpose of this discussion, we will define the undead as the deceased who have not departed the… Seek More

Highly Charged Thought Forms


One model for the possible existence of incorporeal undead might be found in highly charged thought forms. In general, many people have memories of any specific person who might die. As both the memory of the person in life, and… Seek More

Curse Related Undead and Wailers


I see being undead as a cruelty. Even a thievery of your right to rest in peace. I guess it would be a curse if you really wanted to be mean to someone. Well, regarding curse related undead, as it… Seek More

Shadowy State Between Living and Spirit


The undead state has two boundaries rather than just one. It’s a shadowy state between the living world and the spirit world proper, sort of like walking in one of those old monastic cloisters. In fact, this is part of… Seek More

Rise of Undead


What might make a whole sale rise of undead you might ask? Well, from time to time the living experience radically unbalanced states of stress, a sort of crisis that reaches critical mass. Plague, famine, war? Yes. The undead may have… Seek More

Undead Motivation


Can the undead make you into one, like vampires? Ah, the issue of undead motivation. The stories differ about undead motivation. What they might want or need. Can they ever move on? Universally, they can move on from their state.… Seek More

Fringe Incarnation and Contact


Could undead materialize in the cyber realm? Ah yes, the fringe incarnation. There are stories of the dead returning to inhabit objects, tools or weapons, clothing, things formerly of emotional meaning to them. This is why in some cultures these… Seek More

Formless World


To close the gap between masks and identity, there is another tool of the shaman called a fetish. Cultures the world over have used fetishes of one type or another, and I don’t mean a subject of obsessive thought. I… Seek More