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If you wonder why and what it all means, you have a spiritual life.

Gate Keepers in Reaper


No single agency is responsible for reaping. Each is specialized to a narrower range of regulatory influence. The exercise of the role of reaper in the spirit world is often tied to the emergent time pattern we sometimes call fate, or karma.

The reaper keeps things tidy like scavengers in a forest? Indeed.

The horned god, you may have heard mention of, has among his other responsibilities the role of reaper. Many death gods are depicted as being horned and may be the reason our culture now sees horned humanoids as evil. Strange to my view.

Some people get their bodies modified to have horns under their skin. but I don’t see them as evil just over the top. Some guy calls himself the lizard man or something like that. He even got his tongue forked. They are anticipating with the advance of genetic science and nano-engineering that people will come to have animal traits if they so chose.

Reaper and fate? Joined at the hip, so to speak? Indeed, those two are. Accident is ultimately a meaningless word. We use it whenever something doesn’t conform to human expectations, but if there were no order, organization or consistent drive, then whatever meaningless and empty inertia that may have once caused accidents would have quickly played out. The procession of events persists because should human intention ever come to dominate everything without allowance for natural living balance, everything would die. I know it sounds strange and extreme.

Things are already dying. They say the oceans are not the same as they were even ten years ago. Things are mutating more than just simply dying. More and more they are finding that the process of evolution is not the slow aimless thing they were so enamoured of it being. Under pressure, biological behaviour can and is currently changing in an extreme manner.

Reapers are universally gate keepers, but they don’t all guard the same gate. They are more like the quantum demon you may have heard spoken of, controlling the passage of energy so that order can persist and be preserved. They are agents of fate but not of punishment. Death is a punishment only in human thinking.

They are of the benign and indifferent? Yes, and they all extract a toll. My own name means toll taker, and in Egyptian astrology I was born under the sign of Anubis.

I think being on death row is not the worst thing. Waiting to die is worse than the death itself. You wait to die because you cling to death. You hear people speak of clinging to life, but they do no such thing. The various dynamics working in a persons life, experiences and stresses, are not themselves life, and our own tendency to invest so much of our life energy into these things is what accelerates death and disease.

What makes some go mad while others seem calm? Is it just their acceptance? Acceptance itself is useless. Acceptance as it’s commonly understood I mean.

Both groups of people you mention are trying to accept their fate. The one who preserves some well being and composure is the one who continues to centre their attention on the living web beneath all apparent change. Even if you don’t consciously perceive it, you do intuitively, subconsciously sense it. A feeling of something that surrounds whatever event you are experiencing, that flows and changes things, even potentially the very same event you are experiencing in that moment. It’s this force, this process that leads to the enlightenment spoken of in every spirituality by whatever name they call it.

Now should I take you on a little mind trip?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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