'Reaper' Chapter


The exercise of the role of reaper in the spirit world is often tied to the emergent time pattern we sometimes call fate, or karma. Accident is ultimately a meaningless word. We use it whenever something doesn’t conform to human expectations, but if there were no order, organization or consistent drive, then whatever meaningless and empty inertia that may have once caused accidents would have quickly played out. The procession of events persists because should human intention ever come to dominate everything without allowance for natural living balance, everything would die.

Reapers are universally gate keepers, but they don’t all guard the same gate. They are more like the quantum demon you may have heard spoken of, controlling the passage of energy so that order can persist and be preserved. They are agents of fate but not of punishment. Death is a punishment only in human thinking.

“You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the Grim Reaper.” Robert Alton Harris

Duty of Death

To understand much of the thinking of the old world, you have to look at the metaphysics they subscribed to. For them, metaphysics was physics, no difference. Now there were two schools of general thought on the big picture around… Seek More

Gate Keepers

No single agency is responsible for reaping. Each is specialized to a narrower range of regulatory influence. The exercise of the role of reaper in the spirit world is often tied to the emergent time pattern we sometimes call fate,… Seek More

Heaven or Hell?

Since I’ve stopped believing in heaven and hell, I don’t fear death so much. You should believe in heaven and hell, but they are not punishments or rewards. They are domains of order and not destinations for the soul. Like… Seek More

Power of the Soul

So, how does the power of the soul impact your normal every day life? Well, everyone familiar with wave interference? You can watch it along the sea side. Waves can be regular for a time, even and orderly, but when… Seek More

Pattern of Death

I’d love nothing more than to never have to work for food or shelter again. It has always been necessary to seek shelter and food and always will be, just the nature of the seeking will change. This seeking is… Seek More

Reap in Natural Ways

There is no enemy in nature, and there is only an enemy in man because they fear the reaper. They fear the one who takes, who can take more and faster than they do. This displays ignorance. As much as… Seek More

Observation in the Observed

Let’s look at the mind… how they have discovered the brain itself works and specifically memory. Memory is mortal. Ultimately, the traces of memory in the brain will be extinguished, modified and recycled beyond recognition. Those memories that seem to… Seek More