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People call illusion reality, and refute the real as illusion.

Observation in the Observed in Reaper


Let’s look at the mind… how they have discovered the brain itself works and specifically memory.

Memory is mortal. Ultimately, the traces of memory in the brain will be extinguished, modified and recycled beyond recognition. Those memories that seem to persist a life time…

If memory is mortal, then how do we sometimes get traces of memories from other lives we have lived? I will explain. The brains memory is mortal because it is a tertiary construct. The body itself has one purpose, only one, memory. It exists to preserve a deeper pattern being created by the soul itself. In telecommunications, I think they call it a signal repeater.

That’s where instincts come in again isn’t it? Ingrained memories. That is the purpose of instinct, yes. This world itself is an information technology, all worlds are. This is not a simulation in the artificial sense. It’s rather an emulation. This process of emulation is where past life memories come in. It’s the source code that current processing works from, but it is not present in the brain. It’s non local, recorded by the soul to be recovered as needed in future runs.

This is why the world doesn’t seem to be a vague nebulous mass of only sporadically consistent energy. The world retains not only our personal observations from this life, but our observations from all previous lives as well. This is why Hindu deities are so often shown as having so many faces, even some Christian angelic imagery shows this. Observation is embedded in the observed.

This is also why you can’t just decide to heal some sickness or injury and have it arbitrarily switch from its state to your desired one. One being’s thought itself can do no such thing, not directly, but thought directs observation, and observation amasses information. Greater information mass is greater energy mass, and depending on how the observations were constructed, that gives you your outcome. So we kind of strayed off the topic of reapers…

If you must fear anything, fear the loss of fear. If you must fear anything, fear the loss of sense. Don’t fear the loss of ideas. Don’t fear loss of face. For all that you lose, the truth remains preserved, and can you guess what preserves this truth, this real you? It’s your personal death pattern, your breaking points, that actually support your well being, your survival. The rest is noise.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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