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I don’t feel that people hurt because they are unenlightened. I feel they are unenlightened because they do not hurt.

Reap in Natural Ways in Reaper


There is no enemy in nature, and there is only an enemy in man because they fear the reaper. They fear the one who takes, who can take more and faster than they do. This displays ignorance. As much as it may seem the reaper is the ultimate power, the ultimate master of life, it is actually more so the ultimate servant. It gives in unseen ways.

Do you see any of this beginning to turn on itself now? I do indeed. I sense a change in the neuma, the collective psyche of the world, animals as well as man. Animal species are learning and adapting to human behaviour, growing stronger and more resourceful, and according to many humans, seen specifically from their point of view, more invasive. The patterns are showing up everywhere. There is even a digital death pattern evolving. They are predicting the death of Facebook and because of the web created by social networking technology, they are predicting the death of many old institutions. As much as many will fight to prevent that, corporations are now trying to strategize how they can tap into crowd-sourcing as it now has a track record of taking someone potentially from ground zero to being every bit as prosperous and powerful as the long standing corporations. Part of the reason many of our biggest cancers have not died yet is just simple environmental saliency. We become conditioned and blind to these negative influences. We just keep using them, social interaction, especially world wide social networking. Well, it has given a voice to the death pattern. Even India now has made some of the worlds biggest advances toward sustainable energy. Mother Kali will definitely smile on this.

We’re feeding cancer? Indeed, we are.

We can reap in the natural ways; take from the edges, not the heart. Even if you believe we must be parasites, all successful parasites know this rule, are gifted in this way. In humans, it’s called charisma. Make the reaping as painless as possible. In vampire bats, it’s an anesthetic in their saliva. Some even eventually adapt so well that they start contributing to the host. The vector of irritation they created leads to an adaption that benefits both host and parasite ultimately creating unity. That is the ultimate goal of both life and death, of the earth mother and the reaper. The earth promotes unity. Death promotes reunion. Another word for reunion would be recycling, same thing.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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