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People can be induced into a tightly contained solipsistic delusion rather easily. Basically they believe their memories are real. There is a difference between creating your reality and creating your “think-ality”.

Natural Inclination in Freedom


In many schools of metaphysical thought, for you to have a natural inclination you won’t find freedom denying your inclination. It isn’t freedom to be right handed, but determined to do everything with your left, is it?

Unless its conscious choice? Conscious choice can deny freedom, and in that case it’s delusion, but you have to learn from experience. But to my point, the majority of people are attuned more to the life wish. They want success and family and relationships and fun, all those life affirming things, and this is accepted, but like handedness though most people are right handed, some are left. Some are more attuned to the death wish. They still have a libido, but it’s the “off hand” and we tend to villainize these people though they are just as likely sane. They are just as likely responsible.

What if you are trying to develop your right brain, hence it’s a choice to do everything with left hand? Like really with a purpose? If you are trying to develop it in exclusion of your natural strength, it isn’t freedom. It can be done in addition to, and that is freedom.

Not even temporary denying, for the exercise value? If it’s temporary denying, it isn’t really denying. They just call that focus, and focus is a power of awareness. Denial is habitual, a pattern, or it doesn’t really exist. If I choose junior mints and not gummy worms, I am not denying gummy worms.

By it’s nature it isn’t seen? When it’s seen it’s no longer denial? Yes, correct.

Same with a lot of the stuff we are stuck up on? Put a name on it and it looses its magic power over us? This is how Adam was given dominion over nature, and is why man is the dominant species on Gaia. It was the source of the legendary wizards, that simple and yet not simple power, and we still to this day use wizards as a symbol of freedom. Those capable of amazing freedom.

Do you think it’s naming it , like language has a special thing to bring to the table, or just observing it without a conceptual framework works? It’s both the observing and allowing our mind to form concepts, but not forgetting that our mind is actually forming concepts and calling the concepts the reality.

So we can adjust the concept piece fluidly? Yes. Seeing a car go by and saying its a blue car, but also knowing that it can be a red car, or aluminium cans.

They say bilingual children learn to generalize/abstract earlier because they know the word is not the thing and thus, I assume, see the fluidity of concept? Even word meaning like the word chi and li.  These are Chinese words, and we don’t have anything like them in English. They represent concepts that English wasn’t formed to tackle, but when we translate them our understanding of both words is broadened. When you tackle the different languages you are forced to tackle the nature of your thinking all together. This is Gnani Yoga or the knowledge path.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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