'Freedom' Chapter


I think the reason the west seems more relaxed is simply that we don’t like to feel inferior to anyone? Well, it’s a false relaxation. We have an attitude that’s almost tantamount to saying “People should feel free to soil their pants”.

More of a loss of values? Or a rabid over identification. We see the freedom to deny freedom, so we are busy denying freedom, and it has been that way since well before the economic crash. Ultimately any perceived lack of freedom is self denial. What you fail to account for is the reality of your own self, your inner nature.

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” Voltaire (French Philosopher and Writer. 1694-1778)

“He who is brave is free.” Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)

Do We Have Freedom?

Freedom is really sort of a nebulous idea and touted a lot, but do we really have it? If you could have freedom from everything, would you really want it? Would you be dead? Basically yes, you would. Likely are… Seek More

Freedom is Understanding

Seeing the true reality makes your choices true choices. Rather than saying something arbitrary, honestly rather thoughtlessly like “I could never kill anyone“, why not say the truth? Under the right circumstances I would kill someone, and understand why. Rather… Seek More

Virtual Reality Freedom

Are we more free in the virtual world of Second Life (SL)? Potentially, and there have been real social/political movements that took place in Second Life that had a very real First Life impact. Second Life does allow another level… Seek More

Death Wish

Id and ego are not the same, quite the opposite. The id is primal and thinks only in concepts, identities, and identifies with everything. To your id you are your mother, you are your brother, you are the world, you… Seek More

Natural Inclination

In many schools of metaphysical thought, for you to have a natural inclination you won’t find freedom denying your inclination. It isn’t freedom to be right handed, but determined to do everything with your left, is it? Unless its conscious… Seek More

Free in Relationship

Freedom is a pretty complicated topic, though it would seem simple. Freedom is often sought in name, but people call a lot of things freedom. Often if someone says “I need my freedom”, it’s because they are about to self… Seek More

Natural Law

There is a difference between a ‘natural’ law and a connived one. The natural laws arise even without human doing but include us, and they are a part of our natures. Contrived rules tend to create resistances. They rely on… Seek More