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To dismiss something because it seems obvious has been the source of many grievous errors even in the most concrete disciplines.

Free in Relationship in Freedom


Freedom is a pretty complicated topic, though it would seem simple. Freedom is often sought in name, but people call a lot of things freedom. Often if someone says “I need my freedom”, it’s because they are about to self destruct and feel entitled. We think of many things as freedom, mislabelling them like financial freedom which means responsibility for a lot of money, or being very soon poor again. Singles sometimes say they are foot loose and fancy free, which just means they don’t hold any of their dating partners at closer than friendship status, and it can be a rather shallow friendship. If you could be free of literally anything, everything, would you want to be? What you are free of you don’t have.

The opposite of freedom is attachment? Yes, well said. But it gets more complex still, because you can be attached to freedom and not be free.

You can also be free in attachment? Actually, no. You can be free in relationship.

Define freedom? Freedom is awareness. Freedom is choice, and you can always choose.

If you’re free in a relationship there is no relationship? No, it’s the truest relationship. Allowing real contact, and real choice, real love.

If you love me I let you go, and if you come back you love me? No, not really. Even the person you let go you are still in a relationship with as the person you let go. If you define yourself and your actions by limiting traits, say they are gone and not in relationship with me, that is both factually not so and also creative of a limitation in you that denies freedom. You are literally in relationship with everyone, as they say six degrees of separation.

Feel free to choose, and she me? Yes, that can be a real and amazing relationship. If you know that you both really choose, and it isn’t reactionary co dependency, then isn’t that really freedom?

I feel there is really no freedom. Then for you, perhaps there is not.

You are always bound by rules and customs. Always?

I think we are all free but because of our education or society we think it is better to act in one way or another.  You can’t choose in the face of this? No one changes anything? Society never knows reform?

I am bound by limitations others impose on me? I am bound by that which I bind. I am contained by that which I contain. You have made rules about life, we all do. It is sort of natural and we are taught to do it. What you put limits on, limits you.

If I contain nothing therefore I am not bound, hence I am free? No, in that case you are empty. It’s about being open, aware.  The eye doesn’t contain the tree, but it sees the tree. You can be open.

What about limits society put on us? It’s recommended we accept them and sometimes legally enforced. We can knowingly accept them, knowingly choose our views of them, knowingly modify our relationship to them, and knowingly share our different view with others arriving at agreement with those others who feel as we do. Can anyone name one universal rule? A rule you must absolutely follow in every situation?

I believe you can be free to the extent that your freedom does not interfere with other people’s freedom? If your freedom impairs another’s it isn’t freedom. If you impinge on another’s freedom, you become entangled in their affairs. You become responsible for things that deny your own freedom. You start having to deal with the consequence of having moved out of your own freedom, and stuck in a cycle of reaction. The abuser is not being free.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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