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You need never predict. Any future is now. What happens next is originating now with our choices and everyone else’s also. And we choose based on what’s on our minds.

Power of the Soul in Reaper


So, how does the power of the soul impact your normal every day life? Well, everyone familiar with wave interference?

You can watch it along the sea side. Waves can be regular for a time, even and orderly, but when the right conditions arise, they will begin not breaking against the shore, but against each other, and that orderly relaxing sea becomes a chaotic and fearful mess.

Patterns of sets of waves change, too. Indeed.

What causes the breaks in events in your life is interference between your mind and body and your soul wave. How often do you find you aren’t really sure of what you want? You don’t really know how you want your life to go?

Soul wave sounds like a genre of music. It is music. Unfortunately, very little listened to. Native Hawaiian culture, Native American cultures, even Asian cultures, have musical traditions that deliberately seek to tie into life music.

I struggle to think of things I’m passionate about. Right now my stomach is reacting. Yes?

Talking about not being sure of where life is going. Ah yes, you can’t actually do anything. That’s part of why life can seem so confusing, and the influence of the soul can seem to leave us feeling so lost.

Just triggering what I feel is a panic attack starting up. Maybe this will soothe it. Everything in life is about being. Your soul speaks in patterns of being, not doing. Doing exists to allow us to speak to each other. It has nothing to do directly with our relationship with the universe as a whole.

You are experiencing the early symptoms of a panic attack. The soul speaks easily through the body. It doesn’t have to work through as much noise as it has to with the brain. It seems upsetting, uncomfortable. It’s because your mental and physical state right now is interfering with the soul wave.

Let go of the idea that I expect you to do or say anything. Can you do that? Just feel the wave in your body, and as it builds up in you, speak. Type what it wants to say even if it seems silly or crazy. You might find more meaning in it than you would expect from your daily experience.

I want to say shit and pay attention. Ah. Excellent. Now how much do your habits let you speak or keep your attention steadily focused?

I have bursts of focus. Do you find yourself trying to track too many things on a daily basis? Keep track of everything anyone tells you is important?

Yes. Let that go. The soul wave touches on everything that is important. You will feel it. Awe, even if subtle. Every important thing also feels at least a little bit threatening. Ever notice how nonthreatening other peoples concerns feel to you? Perhaps also how they rarely seem to react to or even be aware of those things you intuit to be threatening in their lives? It’s always easier to face someone else’s life/death than it is to face our own.

Yes, they are willing to give advice for someone else’s life but rarely listen to the same for themselves.

Modern culture no longer provides training in keeping the sacred hunters mind which is a reapers mind.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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