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The only power is what comes from the heart.

Giving and Getting in Giving


We do all give, often despite ourselves. Does it always go well? This is why we get caught up in the nightmare prison of getting, acquisition, objects and inventories, score keeping and budgeting.

I only got out of that prison by a harsh breakdown. I’ve been doing the career thing but ten years ago I got schizophrenia. I learned many things from it, but it took almost everything as well. There is some speculation that condition has an epigenetic trigger. Stress and possibly other issues set off what amounts to a virus.

For me, it showed the breath and peace and unity of all, which is a great gift in return. Indeed. Hardships can be our greatest allies.

What is the difference between imaging’s and schizophrenia? Schizophrenia is not deliberate, and it’s not in keeping with anything the person values or intends.

Is it truly a dangerous thing if not treated? No. It is not dangerous, not by itself. In those cases where something actually does happen alongside it, there were other factors involved.

Schizophrenia combined with loneliness can be bad however. Yes. Loneliness is perhaps one of humanities worst stressors.

So giving doesn’t always go well…

When giving doesn’t go well we fear that our getting is also in jeopardy and we obsess. And we fear correctly, but the getting is in jeopardy because the giving was misaligned, not because a single incidence of giving didn’t go well. We give of ourselves according to how we see the world, and we see the world how we see ourselves. We fear greed because we see ourselves as needy. We fear disrespect because we see ourselves as beneath contempt.

Is there anything we fear that doesn’t stem from something we believe we need? We do need things, and the very first thing we need is our balance, our inner vision and sense of orientation.

We need comfort from things we think we need. That baby blanket turns into a sports car. Indeed, and the baby is never happy even as they are pushing a walker in an old folks home and asking why the kids never call anymore. And the kids don’t call because they are carrying on the legacy. They have to get. They have to get better at getting. It’s all misery seen from this point of view, is it not?

Is that where miser comes from? Exactly. We all have the potential to be Scrooge, and we become Scrooge when we look at the world and say Bah! Humbug!

Is a miser greedy or is greedy a misery? The miser is greedy because the miser thinks they are miserable.

There are also forces which are imposing on people in many varying ways and ways which people are not even aware of. One small example is the food we eat and what is put upon this. This and many other factors close down people internally. Biological stresses do play a real meaningful factor.

This is a small example, however it’s important not to blame people either. Also true.

One of the best things I do and I wanted to share is this. When I eat meat, I say thank you sister chicken, sister cow, brother pig. Excellent. What more can one give than their very living flesh?

Do we hear thank yous from bears, sharks and parasites when they eat us? Their version of thank you, yes. They actually stop eating after a time.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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