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Hurting can be healing and if the center of the person is whole, then all it is is healing.

Virtue Forgotten in Giving


Everyone familiar with hypnosis? The principle of suggestion? Simple repetition is the root of it and is why even the most mind numbing and annoying commercials still lodge themselves in your memory and still come up in your thinking. Hypnosis itself is just the induction of trance, but people tend to identify the operations practiced during the hypnotic state as well.

So what is the most common message you ever hear from anyone in your average day? I want … please give … people should, you really should … What are all these messages really?

Is ‘you should’ also some form of taking? It is indeed. You take their time and attention in order to try to influence their decision making.

People are constantly trying to control you. I would modify that. They are constantly trying to take you. They are trying to sell you on new and supposedly better you. But what happens when you give yourself?

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It depends on who you give yourself to. It does and yet it also doesn’t depend on whom you give yourself to. Because with giving yourself, the center of control is still in you and not in the other.

People think evidence of getting is evidence of power, do they not? Has anyone ever changed the world in any way with something they got? If you get it and have it and keep it, what good is it? Could our bodies survive if they kept all the food matter we ever get? While you cannot get enough, you will not get enough because your will or focus of attention (which is what will is) is focused on not getting enough.

There is only good in being used. It’s ironic that people dislike that term ‘being used’. It should be a complement. Well, this brings us to what the Chinese call te or virtue. The reason giving and receiving are broken is because virtue is forgotten. It’s forgotten in the name of ideas which are esteemed more highly than experience. Ideals which lead people to destroy the present in hopes of a better future. Te is more like the concept of chi in Chinese thinking. It’s innate. Something has virtue because of what it is, and not because of what you might think to try and make it be. Even intuitive insight can and has led to better discoveries than this insistence we have on bending the world to our will.

The virtue is already present in the natural state of existence. It’s not even something one has to cultivate, it’s already there. Exactly. You cannot attain perfection, you already are because you are born as the world needed you to be, and we can give this to our world. But do we?

The most powerful thing you can do in many situations is walk away. Walking away is the giving of space.

Learning and growth are a gift we can give as well, new insights and new questions, precious gifts these, but most people are afraid of being used, taken advantage of, taken for granted. Isn’t that how we actually come into being in this world? From something that was granted? Genetics, then time and energy, compassion, all of these are necessary. The hand that gives to the cradle is the hand that shapes the world, to adapt a phrase.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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