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Sometimes, even when we have power, we shouldn’t express it. Other times when we are powerless in the face of the worlds spinning, we should add our force to its momentum.

Why Give? in Giving


It can be an uneasy feeling when someone showers you with gifts. Indeed it can, for a variety of reasons.

So shall we question giving in general? Why do we ever give anything? What has ever moved one of you to give something or some time to anyone at all? Even space? Why give space?

To see something used in a new way. Excellent answer. We will go into that also.

One time I asked my uncle if we would be exchanging presents at Christmas. He said no, but then when Christmas came he had a present for me. It made me upset. I knew it was just a trick because he wanted me to feel like I owed him something. That was taking on his part, more specifically perhaps one of the worst forms of theft. But why is theft bad?

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Because it was not freely given, you take away their choice to give.

Because you take what somebody else needs, and that’s very egotistic.

When something is stolen, you remove a chance that person had to give.

I would much rather someone ask me for something than steal it. They give you something by asking for something.

Our being is being ignored? Ignoring is a refusal to give attention. Why do people withhold things?

Remember earlier I made mention of how everything is dependent on things it receives? This is, for purposes of our discussion now, a natural law. Everything must have things, time, energy, attention, space, food, shelter, positive regard, love.

Well, to exist as a physical thing it needs something physical. Yes. I do tend to deal primarily with the physical in my own work, physical and metaphysical.

The world itself recognizes two states of being, hunger or want, and peace or compassion. They are not mutually exclusive, but they do have their own independent as well as interdependent ways of functioning. We can clearly think of one in contrast to the other. This is why we have different names for them. What happens when I start talking about hunger or craving? What would be the typical response?

You also think about hunger or craving. It reminds you of that in yourself. It’s a universal phenomenon. It isn’t evil or anything like that, just one fact or facet of life.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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