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The great prophets were described as madmen.

God’s Children in Zionism


A core element of the Zionist concept is “God’s children”, and though philosophically we are supposedly all equal in the eyes of God, in literal practice some are more equal than others.

Those cultures who first embraced the Zionist movement, and conquered cultures, are at best the strange stepchild. There is a lot of pride in “seeking Zion” (seeking heaven), even though the faiths that either originated or embraced it both teach that not by works can man enter the “kingdom of God” which they did see as on earth. It is rather obvious in the texts, and in U.S. patriotic propaganda. One of the U.S. politicians did literally say that “America is the single best nation God gave man on this earth”. Zion. I may have the statement slightly off in wording, but only slightly off, and his meaning was literal.

I’m casting my mind around the world and wondering if any culture isn’t influenced by this? Tell me if you find one.  God gave man America and all the bloodshed didn’t happen eh? Or perhaps it wasn’t necessary? Which is the strangest or most fearful idea?

I am wondering about Tibet. What would you say on Tibet? The Chinese annexation? Well, I had one of my friends from Poland share some Chinese propaganda. They are apparently very irritated about the American view of the Chinese occupation of Tibet. They see their actions as being the same as American occupation of Iraq. They accuse the Tibetan leadership of gross immorality. Slavery, abuse, and all manner of human rights violations. The Tibetans haven’t thought they should be entitled to occupy anywhere but the Tibetan highlands of China.

They also see it as Tibet being a historical land of theirs too, don’t they? Yes. Chinas government and even boundaries have changed a lot in their entire history, and the Chinese emperor, much like the Japanese, was seen as divine.

Taiwan too, and even Hawaii is now occupied.

Wow, this is in every culture and religion. No wonder we’re all fighting. Seeking to find or create heaven on earth. Seeking to control our own “God-given” lands.

Jewish religion says not to recruit. Yet there is some heavy that going on.  The Israelis are perhaps the least vicious Zionists for still being Zionists.

Visitors saying that Hawaii is paradise must feel pretty creepy to the Native Hawaiians. When non-Natives say paradise their eyes gleam of ownership. That is where it gets sticky. No one can really buy land here unless the sales people file a very fast quit claim. We are not a legal state even. The UN has not even ratified us.

Right of eminent domain spitting in the Hawaiian natives face? Lots of that, yes. Even worse… Greed. I want what you have. The hell with rights, eminent or otherwise. Nation of Hawaii has never been dissolved. Everyone who buys here gets it by swift and sneaky get around of Nation law.

For Zionists, any place seemingly smiled on by God must belong to the “children of God” even if other people already live there. The heaven seekers.

Native Hawaiians never presume to be *THE children of God*. That is a big difference. Hawaiian culture didn’t have a doctrine of going to heaven. We have a similar observation, but it is not a doctrine. It is a given observation of journey of spirit by those who see all and then teach. This was considered heresy and the missionaries had a field day with it.

I’m seeing why people say world peace is impossible. This is all going to change. We are here for one thing. Little dents in the walls of non awareness. We are here denting those walls. One World, Many Paths. Others of like mind and heart.

I would say that Zionism is the simplest world belief I’ve heard and the most impacting and surprisingly universal. Funny how simplicity can be that powerful huh? Zionism is a system that gets adherents. It is basically all it does. Then the adherents behave strangely, viciously. It‘s an interesting veneer really.

I have been in some heated discussions with American Jew against American Jew over this issue. Yes, they aren’t in agreement, because it’s not even strictly a “Jewish thing”. They do have a spiritual doctrine with wisdom, and some see what Zionism really means.

Which is empire? By force. Living by claims of privilege, rather than in peace. If I walked into your house and informed you I live here now what would your reaction be? But, if you welcome me in? Eventually the welcomed one becomes family potentially, unless the welcomed one doesn’t likewise see their host as family.

Claim of privilege leaves the door wide open for all kinds of abuse too. It does, yes.

In your own home your word is law. On the scale of home we understand and accept that. Get to state, or nation, and well… somehow things change.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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