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Everyone has a belief system, even if it’s shunning what they identify as belief systems.

Greater Good in Indulgence


Greater good. That’s an interesting notion. What greater good, that we all have in common, is truly and fully encapsulated by the teachings of any one path? Is that even possible?

I would say the good we all have in common is the very thing that is so often derided the “lesser” good. We all get hungry, sleepy, libidinous, defensive. And yes, at times defensive behaviour is a good though it is shown little public respect. Of these lesser goods that we are so commonly encouraged to eschew, how does it ever serve us to neglect them?

Defensive behaviour is at least slightly more acceptable than offensive behaviour? True, but in fact defensive behaviour and offensive behaviour are only a problem when they are compulsory. When in our frustration at being unable to act in our own interest we begin to lash out blindly, because our obedience to the “greater good” has left us panicky and uncertain of anything at all.

Libido is frowned upon by several popular religions from what I’ve seen. Perfection is seen as purely spiritual and forsaking all that is carnal. Oh, indeed it is. That is the view, and yet we see the evidence of sexual frustration even in these paths. Either leading to something generalized by socially acceptable misanthropism, or to actually dangerous compulsory behaviour. That fire in the preachers sermons, does it really seem like a profound peace? And the crusades, short of there being an actual and obvious evil, what do these community actions serve?

Example. An adult store came into the community I live in. The religionists were outraged and had a long and very vocal crusade against a very legal and even non-descript business. This made everyone very aware of it, and today it’s still there. They say they are motivated by true love. I respect love and lust. Human nature in general. What they are doing is none of the above. If they are concerned for the well being of pregnant mothers and children, then maybe that socially rejected unwed mother actually needs respect? To not feel guilty or ashamed that her own nature led her to that state? If indulgence were not seen as unsacred, she would not be rejected like that. Her critics would be more involved with their own indulgences, which might even involve showing her some love and compassion.

You cannot give what you do not have, and if yours is a life of ill considered abstinence then what can you give anyone? If in the process of considering your desires you come to realize that whim doesn’t serve you, and you want bigger things, then how is that unwise?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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