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This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

Hack The Social Persona in Cognitive Analysis and Materialism


I’m comfortable I can hack their hack. Yes, you can. You can even hack people’s social persona. For me, someone who is aggressive usually appears to have an enlarged and twitchy eye, and based on which eye it is I can even tell what the nature of their aggression would be. It’s just an “illusion” of course. My overactive fight or flight response keying in and focusing my attention on that feature. Your brains do this also, just less dramatically and you have trained yourself out of noticing it. You key in on the socially relevant data instead.

An example of this, they have been testing how accurate those split second reactions to people are. They are fairly accurate as people usually telegraph their intentions without thinking about it. They are just absorbed in their intended task. People are good at perceiving not one detail but a whole collection of details this way, but, remember I spoke of hacking the social persona? People can tell criminals easily, because they display traits that show their tension and even animosity. But people don’t judge well whether the person was a violent criminal or not, and women can’t judge a rapist as having any violent intent. What do you think of this?

People can be tricky. It’s not some trick, not even conscious, the rapist when relaxed tends to center in his sexual fantasies which don’t necessarily involve violence. What they lack is empathy. They reflect the victim as puppet, like a sex doll, so they aren’t planning to hurt their victim. They ignore that all together.

You’ve pretty well summed it up. My friend is a serial rapist. Yes, and he likely shows very little hate. Am I wrong?

He is a very loving man, actually. But he’s also done one hell of a lot of work on himself in the past four decades. Yes. Though their thinking was out of touch with reality, this state can be reversed just like any other dream can.

Two court appointed psychiatrists said he was schizophrenic. As far as their system works, that makes sense. I personally consider that superficial, and very far from a useful observation.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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