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Synthesis is an interesting experience. I enjoy tasting blue.

Hope Manifests in Hope


Hope manifests. In my actions if in no other way, and my actions have a meaning for any who would witness. It may not be the meaning I want, but they generate an impact. The spirit of the action gets through even if they aren’t conscious of it.

I have gone through my life like this. People speak of life changing events, of a life of misery turning around, of a failure becoming a success. I don’t see that happening for anything I do, but I will still do it. I never did stop. My nickname with my brother is Rabi because I taught even then.

‘Focus determines your reality’. Focus on your problems = keep your problems. Focus on hopes and desires, then ultimately you over time get them and don’t think in sense of time. The subconscious itself neither understands time nor is receptive to it. If you say later, it says never. There is a reason they say no time like the present. In that way see what you want as successful now, the details are kind of technicalities because you are acting. This is the best view. It is what has a chance of working.

All potential events persisted in will inevitably happen if they don’t ignore the reality of the world itself. Everyone with ‘crazy’ and later successful ideas were all put down at the first. Pet rocks sold, people still sell rocks. People say ‘if I only had that one idea’, but that’s the wrong focus because they would likely not have the stamina to go for it even if they did. That’s what they lack, not the idea. It’s the desire first. Ford didn’t understand engineering, he just wanted to see it done. He created the assembly line, actually revolutionized manufacturing process more then cars in a way. Precursor to the industrial era, so in a sense changed the whole world.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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