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To affirm life is to respect its cycles. You can offer no disrespect to the departed by living vibrantly.

Hope Guides in Hope


Find what you want. Then acting on that, what would you do? Then do that.

Do you wonder what else you should do? Wondering like that is doubt. Doubt is the opposite of hope. Hope guides, doubt bars the way. Look at it from a ‘what can I do right now’ point of view, even if it’s only one thing. This is necessary. People feel like they should abandon hope, but hope is the spirit itself. It’s like saying you should slash your wrists.

This dynamic, it is subtle and not subtle. A fine balance, but obvious, but not. It is a Tao. Tao is hope, really. They are the same thing. Lately, I have been delving deeply into Taoism again. Tao is what you do because it’s what you are. Tao is the way the world moves because it’s alive. Thinking doesn’t really grasp this. That which goes against the Tao goes against hope. It can’t endure. This is why they say hope springs eternal. It is what can endure.

When hope does die how do we resurrect? Know what it is and where it comes from. It never really dies. It comes from within, and it seems to die when in fact you didn’t see yourself clearly. The will to do, to live, to be, they stem from within, but often we sublimate one impulse with another poorly understood desire. An artificial one.

Someone might say, “My whole life has been a lie.” There is only one truth, and people do not seek it. In modern Satanism, they spoke of being your own god. In older Gnosticism, they said that knowledge of self is knowledge of god. It’s a complicated issue, but there is only one true life, and it’s the life that comes from within. Only one true desire, and it’s the desire most people deny because it clashes with what they think is their life.

Life burns out because life doesn’t get adequately fed. It isn’t permitted to breath and express itself.

What do you hope? Peace and prosperity? That is a hope. Hoping that, what will you do? What do you hope at your core? Feeling conflict in other people that you would like to end? Conflict ends when there is oneness even if that means one person is left to think conflicting thoughts on their own, and their conflict ends with oneness also.

What do I hope? I hope to have meaning. I hope to understand. Those two are core.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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