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Thoughts come from people, people don’t come from thoughts.

How Was Your Emotional Transition? in Fear

Fear of Self

Anyone else want to share an example? Does this model not relate to your own experience? And if not, in what way does it fall short? For me dream = model. It’s why you dream anyway.

It is virtually identical to mine. Can I take a stab at how yours differed?

Except that I was confused as to why I was not liked, but shrugged it off until much later in life.

Did you develop a tendency to experiment socially? Sort of poke peoples buttons to see what happened?

Not exactly. Ah, then did you tend to adopt imagery and seek to test if people could understand or recognize it?

I just was a nutty person and observed their reaction to me. Ah, I see, weird ideas so was the latter, not an instigator. You wanted to see if people were mentally open, flexible.

The class clown? Yes.

You learned they weren’t? Often not. Ok, mostly. Did you come to see that as amusing or disappointing? Younger disappointing. Now? Amusing.

I think when I was young I tried all sorts of strange behaviours to see how people would react. I think many people do that. Yes, it’s not abnormal to do that, creating to social pressure. But those experiments do reflect pre-existing temperament. One rather common test would be the “Oh yeah? Let’s see how you like it!” protocol, but there are others. There is the “How dare you do that? Now hear this!” protocol as well.┬áThere, is also “If I can have that, can I have this also?” strategy. These people tend to become sales people. Really, most people learn one trick and stick with it. Having the hammer and all, it’s just the easiest way to go.

I have learned that people tend to get spooked when I tell them things or ask them questions. It tends to make them keep a comfortable distance.

Maybe you ask spooky questions? Actually, no. What’s you favourite colour?

My favourite colour is spooky. In the chasm you go.

But I also have a password. Remember again from that movie, he asked one of the knights just what his name was? Or something like that? And let him cross the bridge. Some people just impress me as being more coherent, like there is at least something there I could share with them. Those people I just let pass.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. What’s your favourite colour? Blue, no green! Ahhhh! Confused the knight and he didn’t answer.

What do you mean, an African or European swallow? Yes, definitely, and I warn you, we will use the coconuts anyway.

It’s what drew me to my wife. Maybe it was her meditation practice, maybe a way she chose to take charge of her thinking and perception, but she was very attractive, and then is even more perfect.

She’s a take charge gal. Yet she won’t boss you around, never does. She wins by plain simple observation, and well considered analysis, and in those rare situations where I am actually right, about to shock you now… She actually goes with my idea.

Perfect woman. I would say self owning woman. Perfect is too ambiguous, subjective, and I like the same traits in anyone.

My partner wins with ill-thought through assertions and complicated character assassinations. Keeps me busy for ages. Psychological sabotage, not good. My wife is too invested in me, I think, to want to sabotage me, but yes, that is not unique. It is a common strategy of intimate control.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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