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You’re never bored when you play your own game. You’re bored when you play another’s game.

Image-ination in Visualization


How much of an impact do you feel your imaginations have had on your real life situations? Visualization can be described as the active use of imagination. Image-ination.

Maybe we create our reality with our imagination. There are many wise old cultures that believe that very thing. It may even be proven true as science advances as well.

I know I use it all the time. Constantly. Can you drive home without your imagination touching on the trip at all?

I think it helps you understand the map. I think of landmarks at certain places. Can you make a map without imagining what the land looks like?

I will offer that everything you experience is 90% composed of what you imagine it to be. In fact, neuroscience has been exploring this, and the bulk of brain function only gets a second hand impression of anything you see or hear or sense at all.

What is the difference between imagination and fantasy? Fantasy could be speculated to be the imagining of things that don’t actually exist, but that is not a good definition at least from my point of view. What do you think friends?

Some would say it gets more in the realm of fantasy as its improbability goes up.

Perhaps with fantasy there is no expectation it will actually come true.

Fantasy may be reaching into a reality that would not exist in this level.

All reasonable estimates, and well, I tend to subscribe to the notion that though there may not be a reality as many define it, there are more workable virtual realities. We may none of us know what is really real, but if we know enough we can manage pretty well anyway. So yes, the oubliette we use the category of fantasy as, isn’t really justified is it?

Here is where things get weird. Everything you ever sense is filtered through the same system of neurons that encode your memories. There is no one section of your brain that records memory, no specific type of neuron that does it. They all do. So even before you become aware you see something, your brain has already filtered it. You see what you expect to see. You see what you imagine you will see. Your brain rehearses reality, practices it. It does this so you will have an appropriate response when you hear the loud roar of the bear that will maul you if you don’t run, and so that you will look to avoid perching too close to the edge of a cliff when you feel off balance.

I guess that is why people love to think up worst case scenarios. They don’t have to love it. It’s an instinct, a survival drive of the brain, but our modern brains do tend toward being a bit misguided.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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