'Visualization' Chapter


Everything you ever sense is filtered through the same system of neurons that encode your memories. There is no one section of your brain that records memory, no specific type of neuron that does it. They all do. So even before you become aware you see something, your brain has already filtered it. You see what you expect to see. You see what you imagine you will see.

Neuroscience also shows that you respond not only to your own sensations, but also to what you instinctively recognize in others. You have been practicing not one form of visualization, but two. Your private imagination and your social imagination, and your social imagination tends to win out over your personal imagination or “will”.

Whatever you want to be, do the same thing that the world does with you, imagine it, convince yourself of it. But remember, it won’t happen any faster than you are willing and able to have it happen. Just as it takes time to really lead you to believe something, to convince you of something, it likewise takes time to imprint this on the world.

“Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.” Bo Bennett

Sensory Way

Shall we talk about visualization? Are you all familiar with it already? Well, I’ll start with a question. How do we cause things to happen? I mean anything. Is it just physical activity? We think about it. And the biggest part… Seek More


How much of an impact do you feel your imaginations have had on your real life situations? Visualization can be described as the active use of imagination. Image-ination. Maybe we create our reality with our imagination. There are many wise old… Seek More

Parts of Imagination

Precognitive thought, as I am familiar with it, occurs in that space that your senses register the world around you. But you haven’t started thinking about it yet because you don’t believe you control what your senses perceive. They can… Seek More

Mass Imagination

People have been shown to be able to do amazing things under hypnosis. They haven’t yet done anything that seems outside the realm of public reason entirely, but they do accomplish things that they personally believe themselves unable or unwilling… Seek More

Retain Control of Attention

I think imagining a violent murder is sort of healthy. It puts reality into perspective. It is sort of healthy, yes, and then the reflexively screening of it or putting it aside is also healthy. We have to retain control not… Seek More

One Immutable Light

The mind has a geography all its own. Meditation can reveal a lot of that, and selective sensory immersion can reveal a lot more. This is why artists always seem so intuitive and insightful. In order to learn to do… Seek More

Willingly Go Into the Dark

Here is where things get tricky. Our heart can seem to go where we don’t want it to, no? Our heart wants what it wants, goes where it goes of its own accord, yes? It can go to those painful… Seek More