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Well, I really think the egg came first. Divinity was laughing so hard at the idea of creating this reality, it laid one.

Impact of Scientism in Scientism


Is the sole purpose of most religions to explain the universe and crowd control? Hmm, yes, except for explaining the universe. Religion sets up a paradigm that supports the temporal authority of that institution whatever body politic.

Religion as a primitive physics? Physics isn’t primitive? Why, to date, is cold fusion supposedly untenable? Why do we implement scientific solutions then discover “Hey, that caused another problem”? Climate science, for example. It’s bad weather but we can fix it, and thus ignore the fact that any action will have a reaction. That reality is a passive object to be engineered, but as has been often proved life isn’t exactly dichotomous.

Science is designed to change with new information and hypothesis? I debate that. Science has devolved into recursive thought due to a fixed governing paradigm. Paradigm changers in science are rare. The precepts of scientism preclude paradigm shift.

Here is a story where public opinion changed science in Sweden. Up until the 60’s homosexuality was considered a mental disorder, until the gay community organised a day when all homosexuals called in sick on the same day. “I can’t come to work, I’m feeling homosexual…”. This forced scientific observation. I like that. Due to a disorder of mine my neuro-plasticity is inordinately high as is my genetic deviation rate, and it can escalate. According to scientism, I should be sterilized to preserve the eugenic balance of the social/gene pool. We all have been conditioned by many conditions. Have the social condition virus? Looking for an anti-social remedy! Have the rationalism syndrome? In the past, mental disorders were considered to be divine gifts or retributions. As a matter of fact, some perceive in me an unusual sensitivity, and I suffered seizures as a child. What the ancient Greeks saw as a sign of an oracle.

Maybe schizophrenia is a disease of metaphor. If you knew the code, you could communicate without drugs? I communicate with schizophrenics quite well. They are really rather rational, other than they can’t sort perception. My condition produces an inordinate amount of a protein called teraxin, a sort of natural LSD. I perceive the whole word in metaphor. It just isn’t late onset so I grew up with it and adjusted to it. I learned the language of neuro-typicals. They can’t seem to diagnose me, and seem content to call me autistic and be done with it. Autism is way over diagnosed and heavily debated.

Is it a way to help children get special education needs met? I was both enrolled in special ed and the talented and gifted program. How did that work out? It didn’t. They prefer to reduce people to the lowest common denominator. Scientism at its best, so I was not benefited. But it was very rational, secular school policy. As Niels Bohr said, “You’re not thinking you’re just being rational!” “Exterminate all rational thought!” William Burroughs.

We can ration things out. Let’s say we ration out the parts of a car. Get them in nice little groups. Hmm, where is the car? By what process of rational thought could we rebuild the car? Not a car mechanic? Car mechanics are not taught rational theorems. Engineers do everything with a cheat sheet, follow the formulas. So if anything, in a sense, they are taught a faith. Much of what is done in research is reductionism. Use these ideas and hope it works. Science is much like religion, poorly paid and used to support the ambitions of people seeking temporal power. Not empowered to do much more than support their ambitions. If it doesn’t serve those who have the gold then you don’t get the grant.

My mother is court ordered to take psycho-pharmaceuticals. Very little of her original personality remains evident. The reductionism view in medicine has done more harm than good. But because the medicine won’t actually kill her quickly, it’s the will of the state she take it. All because supposedly we can have better living through chemistry.

Scientism provides opportunity and responsibilities that other religions don’t, and consequences beyond abuse of temporal power. The idea that through objectivism social quality can be improved, that living conditions can be adequately met. I don’t see science as ignorance. I see the paradigm as having an impact that science denies.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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