This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

Jesus Christ in Christ


Christ was a living person? Well, this is where people get confused. Christ isn’t a name, and even old Gnostics saw the messiah as a spirit. Swedenborgian Christianity believes that the prophecy is already fulfilled, but Christ was socially a title. Even King Herod who was King of the Jews bore the title Christ. Though how in touch he was with the Holy Spirit is questionable.

It’s not clearly established, but the likelihood is that the man referred to as Jesus was named something else prior to his ministry, and may have been an Essene monk. The teachings of the Essenes might have originated from points further east, and they did not subscribe to the Israeli theocracy as monks often don’t.  This would be evidenced in Jesus repeatedly refusing that he sought a place in that hierarchy.

So really we know nothing about the actual person, or very little? Very little, but a tradition of taking a new name, especial in Arab monks was an established fact.

The Christ Consciousness movement reads the Bible symbolically? Yes they do. Jesus spoke more on having a relationship with the logos, the word, but also where we get the word logic. It’s said rather bluntly even in the Bible that the logos or word of God is written upon the human heart. Jesus did promise an understanding that was symbolized and has been symbolized in a similar way in more main stream Buddhism. He promised the coming of the comforter depicted as a blue tongue of flame, the Holy Spirit.

Isn’t the kundalini power seen as a blue flame out the top of the head on its exit through the body? Yes, and Jesus never used the image of the serpent to describe anything negative. It is funny how flame is used as evil symbolism now, when in the Bible it was a guide, a comforter, and evidence of Gods presence. Nothing in the Bible supports that flame is in hell or has anything to do with it.

Fire is such a feared element though. It is a godly element, and they speak of fearing God. The word sin is the Greek word used to denote error.  The literal teaching in the Bible is that the wage of sin is death, exclusion, ending, perhaps an oblivious mind?

And the symbolic equivalent teaching? Actually knowing. The Christ Consciousness movement isn’t big on teaching per-se, they believe that ‘what would jesus do’ (wwjd) is the valid style of teaching. That only through self experience can you know the Christ which is the Holy Spirit, and only “through me” or by example, can the Holy Spirit be revealed. Thus Jesus said that one can only enter “the kingdom” (which it says literally is among man) as a little child. Jesus was trying to explain that his parables were not the proof of his teaching, that they were only a tool. He spoke in such a demanding way of his disciples not because they were supposed to memorize his word, but because they were supposed to live the way. There are repeated criticisms about trying to live by words.

Though him, through his state of being exemplified, one can discover the “Father” (as he saw it), and Father was a rather complex term. It meant patriarch or guide, as much as a literal paternal line.

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