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Shamanic trance is just a more primal method of the “scientific” method.

Joyful Obligation in Obligation


We shape the future by the choices we make now. Do we choose to meet life’s circumstances via joy or resentment? Very true, and where is the awareness of our own joy? Is it not where we are told petty or evil things lay in our being? Is it not from the animal side that we are supposedly obligated to free ourselves from?

There is the path of the Spiritual Warrior. Those who are learning the lessons of the right use of Power. It is these who create and hold “safe space” for others to grow. People have the right to choose violence, but that does not mean they should be permitted to impose that violence on others. Yes. Again, the wrong goes back to imposed obligation.

What I find fascinating is it is only three choices we can make in responding to anything. Accept, reject or none. Well, I don’t fully agree. I would say the third choice is actually this, accept for now or reject for now, and reserve the right for any judgment to be other than absolute law. What seems a positive can rapidly become a negative, and even my negative can be very temporary. A moments outburst and nothing more, is it not neutral? If it’s not, what prevents it from being neutral?

Perhaps the only reality in any phase is a single truth, evident in our simple physical presence? So, since we are here and alive, and being present, we are present among other living things. Then how should we know or acknowledge our way in the world?

First subject to the rules of everything else. We make our mistake in anything if we feel those rules are either above or below. Yes, or outside of ourselves in any way disconnected.

If at any moment we act on our highest and best, that is all we can do. Realizing that tomorrow, our “highest and best” will be greater, truer, more comprehensive. Yes, and we learn from our mistakes or “wrongs.” They are a gift, but we are told we are obligated to deny ourselves.

Hence we are always perfect, denial is a choice. Ah, but as much as denial is a choice, faith is our nature, and as children we have faith in our provider.

We only “fail” when we act against our “highest and best”. Even that is temporary. Yes, and from our providers we learn the rules of all other obligation.

Faith in its most primitive form is simple consciousness, awareness. I agree.

Fear is a negative attachment to the future, as hope or faith is a positive attachment to the future. Indeed, and hope is obligations. Faith I define as a trust in the now, and no obligation, just human nature.

Fear is a form of faith, is it not? Fear is a violation of faith, or a primal instinct that is in no way burdensome, but few of us know only the primal fear.

I will wrap up by offering this to you my friends. Have obligations, have beliefs, have them knowingly, and let them give you joy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Namaste.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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