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Consistency For Preservation in Consistency


Today’s topic is consistency. In my experience, people often point out my quixotic nature as one of the things they find uncomfortable about me. I’m basically sort of inconsistent.

In general, people praise consistency as a virtue, and of the virtues, consistency is perhaps the easiest to keep to. As the America wrestler “The Rock” says, “Know your place and shut your mouth”, and yes, it seems in general that people are happiest if you do this.

People speak of disasters as if they can be accidental, “freak of nature”, “fluke”, etc., but it seems to me that nature itself is consistent only so far as it preserves existence. It seems quite happy to let anything else change. Is this not your observations also?

Evolution? Changing to preserve? Despite what some people believe is the weakness of the scientific theory of evolution, we find that species have changed even within human historic record. It happens especially quickly with insects, and actually with the completion of the human genome project, they have found our own degree of mutation/change/evolution is faster than they originally thought. Although this may be a relatively recent change.

This is why they use fruit flies in experiments. They can go through hundreds of generations in short order. Yes. This even gave rise to a new study, epigenetics.

We can evolve. Bringing change. Mind wants one journey. Heart needs nothing, but to be love. One is the easy route. The other tougher. But one brings more rewards. You raise a valid point. There are forces in life that remain consistent in a sense, and across species. Love. In fact, love is perhaps one of the strongest forces in support of human resilience and adaptation. Love is not resistance.

Hate as well? Oh, hate is possibly also. They are mirror images of each other, and is also why the dark side of the mirror has remained so consistently with us. Hate is all resistance, and at times we must resist some things for the continuation of life itself. Example, I hate injuring myself. It’s very appropriate that I hate injuring myself. This is in my best interests, as long as I don’t become over fixated on that alone.

But sometimes pain is welcome, is that bad? No. Even in science the evaluation of pain and pleasure has a strong subjective element, and the healthy function of our body and its senses is inherently good. Pain without judgement is sensation, and sensation understood is awareness. Our life instinct seeks this awareness/wisdom. It feels good when you feel “alive.” When something inside us seems to be a disruption, if for some seemingly random reason we experience an internal or even an environmental disturbance, is this bad?

We may panic thinking it is out of control. Panic is usually bad, and the fixation on control is usually bad also. What makes us fixated on control? We have a need to act in the world, but that’s the need. Not to control, but to act and be present.

Maybe the need to act so that we can be sure no lives are lost? But that is actually a different need. The need to see to the preservation of life is a recognition of the inherent sanctity of life, and a recognition of its purpose and a desire to preserve a natural balance in the cycle.

This world is just dream. The world being a dream, its purpose is to allow us to work out the process of self awareness. The highest knowledge, as it has always been said, is knowledge of self.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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