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Consistent Incarnation in Consistency


Is this existence one of the best for the souls evolution? Sort of a really intense boot camp? If you meant to illustrate infinity, how would you do it? I visualize a huge, grid like matrix, extending forever in all directions. Physical reality serves that purpose. Incarnation serves that purpose, and the events that happen in an incarnated life permit us to understand unity in the pattern.

I don’t know why it is, but grid patterns make me uneasy. Maybe it is the forever part. We fear infinity, because it reminds us of the pre-incarnated state, which we equate with death.

And in infinity, all possibilities exist and no consistency can be in that? We fear this every changing nature with nothing to ground on? The originating force we can only really call chaos. We are the agents of its ordering.

Now instead of a grid, visualize a hologram. One source of energy projecting out infinitely in three dimensions. It can be in grid form if that makes it clearer.

There is something viscerally exhilarating about the idea of grounding in a stream of constant change. And it is a truth we are here to embrace, but the significance of a hologram is that all information about everything is projected everywhere in the field on which it will become visible. So is the image itself the significant part? The things that are visible are not made of that which does appear. The materiality of this existence is not the point of this existence. It’s pages in a book, but without the letters. The memories and experience. The book is lost.

Ah, the memories and experience ground the existence? Yes, and you have them for a reason beyond your capacity for “reason” in this life.

The story doesn’t need the book to be told, and without the book it can change easily. And if the communication comes too quickly, it won’t come clearly.

What is meant by too quickly? Well, as you said, without the book it can change easily, and it does. We need the book to slow the communication down so it can be clear to us.

The energy in this metaphor, perhaps the holographic laser, contains all information. It is all inclusive and accepting. What is this in human experience, but love? Love is really the only consistency, and generally too broad in its nature for us to handle in an incarnated life. So like a radio perhaps, our being comes equipped with an amazing capacity, like a tuner, that includes some data but excludes competing data. That capacity is called attention.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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