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Bravery is not a virtue, it’s a decision.

Karma Yoga in Tantra


Tantrism tends to be karma yoga. Liberation by exhausting the karmas, positive or negative. In the tantric view you willingly incure positive karma in sex. Delve into it. Lose yourself in it, and by doing so see it for what it is. But also, and this isn’t so public, they do embrace negative karma also. This is why tantrism is generally seen as evil. BDSM is not against tantric teaching, and is why they speak of the role of a guru.

Why you transition to red yoga (if you ever do), is that in embracing the white, the “positive” karma, you unearth negativity also. What one would call perversity. The tantric path runs there also. Now strange things can happen as a guru works with a couple, but they aren’t about ego and may not happen at all.

Tantra isn’t about sex or sexual attraction, it’s about intimacy and the secret place inside that sex can reveal.  Light or dark is one temple. With a sufficiently enlightened couple the darkness holds no real danger.  But if they arise, a couple can get stuck and trip on that dark path. Then the understanding of the guru can be liberating.

Challenging the guru is normal in tantrism, and it is right. If he didn’t accept challenge, he has not the wisdom of even white Tantra. Tantra teaches both aggression and surrender. He might not have wanted to accept challenge, but he needed to anyway. A guru cannot force a student on the path. Even without sexual interaction between guru and disciple there is still intimacy. If he had not that intimacy with his guru, his gurus spirit would not be there.

Tantrism isn’t about bisexuality, nor is it exclusive of it, but it is about intimacy. The lessons taught in the ritual communion is that there is no need to beat the male. The knowledge would just be there. The guru would show it in words, and even without words.

They teach in tantra that energy is the feminine, form the masculine. But the union can be within also. Thus the gift of Kali. The destroyer of separation. Kali is shown as a slayer and a devourer of men. It isn’t necessarily literal, but it is an aspect of feminine nature and doesn’t blend with Shiva.  When you move away from the positive karma, you move into the imagery of Kali dancing on a mans head and of Shiva slaying the serpent. Shiva in his aspect as lord of demons. The imagery speaks to the subconscious mind. The recognition is all the power my words need have for you, and this is the true meaning of the guru being the way to Brahma.

Union with the guru is not the way, nor is it forbidden. It is just not necessary. The guru is the way to Brahma because he is aware of the all encompassing. The power is the power. People mistake tantrism as a sex cult, but they are short sighted. The gurus “sexual” power comes through in his words too, and for the receptive heart that is sufficient.

It must go deeper than being emotionally receptive, but it is where it starts. Charisma. Even in the catholic church it means spiritual power, the power to inspire, and not in defiance of the way of Tantra. It has a way, and impatience is the mark of the fool in Tantra.  The levels are there, and you feel them and can go deeper. It is transformational.  Becoming more and more a creature of the forces you uncover, to ultimately understand that you transcend them all.

Feel ready to explore even the dark path?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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