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Sex In Jainism in Jainism


Jainist sects also have differing views of sex. Some seeing it as no sex outside of marriage, the other as no sex at all.  Why? Attachment. Sex can insure positive or negative karma.

I find the idea that women can’t achieve liberation in that life questionable.  They teach tolerance of even seemingly perverse views as they are not a moralistic faith, but they do sink into a logic glitch. The clothed ones have no such view of women.

Interesting isn’t it how beliefs so often glitch on sex? Yes. Sex is important in all religion as either sacred or sinful, but it is never seen as meaningless. Some Jain monks even marry and embrace their partner, and this has had a limited impact even on Buddhism. My guess is it’s because Jainism focuses so much on reason that it makes them more persuasive. Marriage can be very pragmatic. We can love and yet avoid clinging, and some Jains see it as a way of working together and achieving liberation.

I’m not Jain myself, though I do share many of their views including worshiping no god nor denying any.

Do you think it’s ok to take bits of different teachings and make them our own, or is that just confused? Yes, I agree with the Chinese in that regard. We can’t help but resonate to certain ideas. Nature speaks in those encounters, and Jainism teaches you must embrace that.

I am interested in how you can avoid attachment? It’s in realization of why you act as you do, and is the core concept of Buddhism. They focus on it more than Jainism does.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
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  1. Coolgal

    The crux of Jain ideology lies in controlling your desires and passions to attain a higher spiritual level. Until you are involved in the wordly pursuits, you cannot walk s on the path of liberation and hence, jain monks abstain from all acts of desires and passions.

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