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Karma and Liberation in Jainism


Jainism is a religion of Indian origin, but with a minority following that may be the oldest example of an ascetic religion in the world, and does still exist today. It shares many concepts with Vedantism, also known as Vedic… Seek More

Pure Souls


Jainism, for being a minority faith, has had a seemingly inordinate impact on Hindu culture and Indian culture in general. Even leading to the Sikh movement with the addition of Islam to India. Part of which was the impact of… Seek More

Path with No One End


Jains see every Jiva as being in a relationship to every other, including the angels and hell beings. Much of the imagery of the Buddha being confronted by demons comes from that belief.  But unlike more common beliefs, the angels… Seek More

Sex In Jainism


Jainist sects also have differing views of sex. Some seeing it as no sex outside of marriage, the other as no sex at all.  Why? Attachment. Sex can insure positive or negative karma. I find the idea that women can’t… Seek More

Law of Sympathy with Familiar Spirits


We can perhaps call a familiar spirit if none have noticed us, and we can also select as well? One might not have the qualities I’m looking for. Yes, actually. If you want to connect more with say a primal… Seek More

Transmigration of Souls

Past Lives

I’m curious about the notion of having a past or future life in ‘animal’ form on earth? That’s a phenomenon linked to reincarnation known as the transmigration of souls. That everything that actualizes in any way, from a rock to… Seek More

Abode of Spirits


The Chinese New Years celebration, their own version of the day of the dead ritual, has its origin in Bon. The new year for Bon is the same as the Chinese New Year, and their lunar calendar arose from it.… Seek More