'Jainism' Chapter


Jainism is a religion of Indian origin. You may know more about Jainism then you’re aware of because of how wide spread its influence was and is. Jainism is very naturalistic, and it’s underlying teachings are simple. Jains see every Jiva as being in a relationship to every other, including the angels and hell beings. They acknowledge the forces of nature depicted by the Indian deities, but do not believe that one can achieve liberation by worship of these deities.

“In conclusion let me assert my conviction that Jainism is an original system, quite distinct and independent from all others; and that therefore it is of great importance for the study of philosophical thoughts and religious life in ancient India.” – Dr. Herman Jacobi

“Jainism is of a very high order. Its important teachings are based upon science. The more the scientific knowledge advances the more that Jain teachings will be proven.” – L. P. Tessetori, Italy

“Truly speaking, Jainism is an independent and original religion, for it is neither Hinduism nor Vedic religion, but of course it is an aspect of Indian life, culture, and philosophy.” – Shri Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister, India

Karma and Liberation in Jainism

Jainism is a religion of Indian origin, but with a minority following that may be the oldest example of an ascetic religion in the world, and does still exist today. It shares many concepts with Vedantism, also known as Vedic… Seek More

Pure Souls

Jainism, for being a minority faith, has had a seemingly inordinate impact on Hindu culture and Indian culture in general. Even leading to the Sikh movement with the addition of Islam to India. Part of which was the impact of… Seek More

Path with No One End

Jains see every Jiva as being in a relationship to every other, including the angels and hell beings. Much of the imagery of the Buddha being confronted by demons comes from that belief.  But unlike more common beliefs, the angels… Seek More

Sex In Jainism

Jainist sects also have differing views of sex. Some seeing it as no sex outside of marriage, the other as no sex at all.  Why? Attachment. Sex can insure positive or negative karma. I find the idea that women can’t… Seek More